Henry Cavill Out as Superman, Gunn Gives More DC Details

Henry Cavill can’t catch a break. After getting people psyched up for his return as a truer version of Superman, news just hit that he’s officially out as the Man of Steel. Simultaneous statements were released – a tweet from James Gunn and an Instagram post from Cavill – stating that a Superman movie is in the works, and it will not star Cavill. James Gunn explained a bit about what’s going on in a thread:

Gunn’s tweet makes it seem like Cavill could be in a Superman movie down the road, but Cavill himself assures us this is not the case:

Henry Cavill James Gunn

This sucks for Cavill, especially because he was told he’d be back. (Amy Adams recently said she wasn’t approached about returning as Lois, so it may have been in the early stages, but still, its’ got to sting.) He likely gave up his steady job on The Witcher for this, at least partly. I get it; Gunn and Peter Safran need to go their own way. But it’s impossible not to feel bad for a guy who’s been jerked around by everyone who’s ever given him a plum role like this. Gunn says he’s hopeful to collaborate with him in the future, but how would that work? He’s not Superman, but he’s, like, Booster Gold or something down the line? I don’t think he’ll do that, and I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. But I hope something great comes along for him because he’s more than earned it.

As for what Gunn and Safran are actually doing, I’m hopeful. The idea of starting out young and building their Superman is good, and it’ll keep the same guy in the role for what I’m sure they want to be a long series of films. Gunn says it’s not an origin, and that’s fine; we all know the story, and they can easily dispense with it in a title sequence. I’m excited because I want DC movies to be amazing, and they’ve got a chance to be, despite losing someone who could have been a great Superman.

If they’re getting rid of Cavill, I tend to think the entire Snyderverse slate is going. Gunn replies to someone about Ben Affleck by saying they want him to direct a movie; that sounds like he won’t be Batman. And if they’re both out, Gal Gadot will almost certainly be gone too. (This also lends credence to Patty Jenkins’ statement from yesterday.)  And I’m sure everyone will be relieved to put Ezra Miller in their rearview mirror. I wonder how they’re going to handle The Flash, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom; will the Gunnverse hold off till those movies have had their run? Maybe The Flash will serve as a goodbye for those versions of the characters. That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world; it would allow Gunn and Safran, and whichever filmmakers and writers end up working with them, to take their time and make their movies the best they can be.

We know someone else who won’t be part of the new DC Universe, too, and thank God for that. Earlier, Variety ran a piece saying that Gunn and Safran were “exploring the possibility” of making Robert Pattinson the Batman of their films. Gunn smacked that down right away:

Good. Let Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson have their movies for the people who enjoy them while Gunn and Safran start fresh. I have no idea what else is coming, but it looks like the plan is in place, and we’ll be hearing a lot more sooner rather than later.

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