Hollywood Lunatic Mark Ruffalo Accuses Mike Pence of White Male Supremacy on Twitter

Just because you are well known for something doesn’t mean that people will care about your political take. In the case of low-IQ Hollywood SJWs like Mark Ruffalo, that goes tenfold.

As difficult as the COVID shutdown has been, it seems like irrelevant actors may be having the toughest time coping. With the 2020 election fast approaching, the far-left lunatics in Hollywood seem to be having a meltdown. Mark Ruffalo is the type of person who thinks there are vast numbers of Nazis and KKK members running around this country. In the aftermath of the Vice Presidential debate, the actor best known for playing Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe decided to put his insane take on Twitter about Vice President Mike Pence.

This is not a joke, not a troll.  He LITERALLY thinks that a white man speaking over a black woman in a formal debate setting is “white male supremacy.”  That is the lens through which uneducated weirdos like Mark Ruffalo view society. Any slight must be perceived as an assault on someone’s skin color or sex. A week before, he shockingly didn’t attribute Donald Trump’s interruptions to white supremacy when they were directed at another old white man. Instead, he just called Trump a bully.

Searching through Mark Ruffalo’s Twitter history, you can see that fighting mythical “white supremacy” is an obsession for him.

This is a small sample size, but it gives you an idea of how much he talks about white supremacy. If something as trivial as Pence speaking over Harris in a debate makes you ring the alarm of white supremacy, every other time you’ve used that phrase is rendered meaningless.

Ironically, Mark Ruffalo’s tweet about Pence came on the same day that a group of insufferable idiots (a.k.a. celebrities) collaborated for a video encouraging people to vote. But honestly, this video may be the truest form of voter suppression that exists.

The video contains people like Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, and Amy Schumer on camera naked to explain to the American citizen the basics about mail-in voting.  Considering the video has been ratioed to hell, I’m not sure how well it worked. Quite simply, the only time that these people are relevant is when they are pretending to be someone else.  The American public, and the world in general, don’t give a FUCK about your politics, and they don’t consider you to be the moral authority on right and wrong.

Like most Hollywood simpletons, Mark Ruffalo is the ultimate hypocrite. He rages about white supremacy being a problem in the world, and even says that it’s a problem in Hollywood. But does he step down? Did he demand that the role of Hulk be played by a black man or another minority?  Of course not.  He collected millions of dollars by playing a mediocre, forgettable Bruce Banner and Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The same Mark Ruffalo who rails against climate change and protecting the environment while flying in private jets all around the world.

Mark Ruffalo is the same as all the other scumbags who inhabit Hollywood, and his recent antics only make him look worse. No one cares about who you’re voting for, Mark, so shut up and act. Or at least shut up.

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October 13, 2020 at 8:51 am

Kamala isnt even black. So hes an idiot on 2 fronts.

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