How to Level Up in Fortnite

There are about three weeks left in the current Fortnite season, Chapter 3 Season 3. Many in the Geeks + Gamers community are getting into the game after seeing the team play it, and since they might be having trouble leveling up to get what they want in the Battle Pass, I thought I’d write an article detailing all the ways to get good XP. Some might seem self-explanatory, but it’s amazing what you don’t think of or notice if you’re new.

  • Do the Daily Quests; each one will give you 1k XP, and you get 15k XP for each of the first three you accomplish.
  • Play with friends; not only do you then all share the quests, but you are able to group-complete them.
  • Vibin’ Quests, which is what they are calling the season quests this time; these must be done in order and can sometimes seem tedious, but they give good XP and can give you lore behind the game.
  • Weekly quests give 15k XP each and 20k XP for each set of four. These are things that you are most likely doing just by playing, but the easiest one is “Thank the bus driver.” If you don’t know how to do that, while in the bus flying over the map, hit whatever button is your emote.
  • Open or search anything that will let you; chests give 100 XP each, and ammo is 40 XP. The barrels that give fishing rods and the coolers and ice chests give XP, too. The vaults in the basements of the buildings that look like they belong in a Star Wars movie give XP, but you can’t open them alone. If in Solo, tame an animal and ride it down; otherwise, you need the same amount of living things in front of the sensor as the size of the match you’re playing. So, even if you don’t need what’s in it, open it for the XP.
  • Harvest things, the bulbs on your tree give 400 XP each, and picking mushrooms if you need shields will give you a small amount.
  • You get XP for each kill – probably part of why JHalestorm leveled up so easily.
  • Winning gives you XP, and if you’re playing with others and somehow don’t end up with any kills, and your team wins, you get the Pacifist award of 400 XP.
  • Victory crowns – you know, that glow you have at the start of a round after winning. They give you a bonus on kills, surviving storm circles, and other things.
  • Talk to characters; if you’re the first in the match, you get a bonus, and the characters will always give a healing or shield item for talking to them. They also sell stuff… healing, weapons, rifts, letting you know the next circle, and you can hire some of them.
  • Anything to do with animals: taming, hunting, or fishing. Fishing in a fishing spot – the circles in the water where you see fish swimming – give a little extra. Fishing is also helpful in that sometimes it’ll give you a gun and/or ammo.
  • Any special quest set you see also tends to give good XP boosts, so if you see a themed week, weekend, or special event like the Soundwave Series I wrote about, you’ll get bonus XP for stuff from them.
  • Explore; each grayed-out area on your map that you unlock a name for gives you XP. This is why, when they change the map, so many people go to the new area – partly to see what changed and partly for the XP.

I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting; if you can think of something else, please comment below to help others. Thank you for reading!

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August 29, 2022 at 10:24 pm

After publishing I remembered what I was forgetting, Creative Modes, some of them offer Battle Pass XP and are good for a change of pace

August 30, 2022 at 11:53 am

I first played in 2019 and while I looked up guides about how to unlock a costume or two I don’t remember seeing any general guide about just how to level up. Something like this would’ve been really helpful.

August 30, 2022 at 1:55 pm

I love the fact that Fortnite is becoming genuinely fun again. Started off high and then dipped for a while but it seems to be reaching up to that top spot again.

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