IGN’s Pinned Post Asks For Less “Snyderverse” Spam

IGN’s hosting of DC FanDome forced them to pin a post asking fans to be respectful and refrain from spamming “Snyderverse and other spam” in the chat.

A flood of comments on the livestream included fervent support for Zack Snyder, director of DC movies such as Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Comments included “Snyderverse,” “Restore The Snyderverse,” and “Zack Snyder,” over and over, forcing them to pin a comment in the chat asking people to refrain from posting spam.

A screenshot I posted to Twitter can be seen below.

No matter where or what is being discussed, Snyder fans have not and will not stop voicing their support for a director whose vision they feel was tampered with by DC and Warner Bros. 

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