“I’ll always be Rey,” Teases Daisy Ridley on Possible Return

Everyone's favorite Star Wars character may be returning after all.

If you didn’t get enough of Rey in the three sequel trilogy films, you might be in luck. At this year’s BAFTA awards, actress Daisy Ridley made an interesting comment that “(she’ll) always be Rey.” The comment came in response to the interviewer’s question of whether Ridley would return to Star Wars. This is noteworthy because it was previously accepted that none of the major sequel trilogy players were interested in returning. For example, John Boyega famously said, “You ain’t gonna Disney+ me” to the cheers of disappointed sequel trilogy fans around the world. It’s a short clip, but you can see it here:


This would seem like a throw-away line were it not for the cast of the sequel trilogy previously presenting a united front. Combined with the recent announcement that The Mandalorian is leading up to the sequels, this is bad. There are already images floating around showing sequel-era props in use on the Mando set, and now Daisy Ridley says this. It doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility for her to have a cameo in one of the upcoming shows at this rate.

As I’ve said before, I don’t see why they would do that. People who love the sequels don’t need convincing, and sequel critics like yours truly are unlikely to be won over. I know shoehorning a character I don’t like from a movie trilogy I don’t like into a good show won’t change my mind. It would also be completely transparent; we would all know why Rey was being used. I’m also not sure where she would be implemented since there’s not really a place for her in The Mandalorian. If Tales of the Jedi proves to be an animated project at Lucasfilm – perhaps even the one teased by Kevin Kiner – maybe she could have a role in that. I hope not, personally. No disrespect to Ridley or her acting abilities; I have nothing against her, and I wish her well as a performer, but I would just as soon forget the sequels.

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