Interviewing Jay “Drunko 3PO” of Geeks + Gamers

I sat down with Geeks + Gamers’ very own Drunk3PO, aka Jay, and grilled him about Gina Carano, cat breeds, theme parks, and more.

Blabbering Collector: How did you get involved with Geeks + Gamers?

Jay: I started to follow the G+G YouTube channel, and I followed Jeremy on Twitter. I had made a video about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and I was being criticized. Jeremy came to my defense and he followed me back on Twitter after that. Eventually, he reached out to me and brought me on to the team! I started to make videos for the main channel and even Sports Wars, until G+G decided to make a theme park channel.

BC: Interesting; so you were doing Sports Wars stuff?

J: I was just filling in; I wasn’t what Ryan is now doing.

BC: Any specific sport, or just in general?

J: It was more of a “Can you cover this, are you available?” This was before Sports Wars was what it is today; it had, like, 3,000 subscribers then.

BC: Wow, very cool. How did you come up with “Drunk3PO”?

J: Some friends of mine asked me to join their podcast, and everybody had came up with silly or stupid Star Wars names, and I just picked this one. I didn’t expect it to turn out like this.

BC: Were you drunk at the time?

J: No, no. It was more of the idea of “Wouldn’t it be funny to see 3PO intoxicated? What would he say?” Because 3PO would never ever be drunk.

BC: When did you start to travel? How did you get into it?

J: When I was in college, I went to Africa with a college group to serve the people of Kenya, to work! Long story short, I just knew I wanted to do more work like this. So, I was going to go back and serve in Kenya for three months… I went through training, but then the earthquake happened in Haiti in January of 2010, and I was asked to go and help because I had international training. I went and kinda stayed for a while. I was going back and forth between the USA and Haiti for a few years.

It was interesting because whilst I was in Haiti helping, I was in contact with other organizations. They were like,  “Hey, we got your contact information. We want to bring in a construction team or a doctor at the airport. Can you pick them up and bring them to their destination?” So that was was kinda like my line of work, bringing people to different places to help others in Haiti.

Then it changed to “Would you like to go to other countries and do the same thing?” I started to travel around the world, helping to build orphanages and homes, and bringing people along  the way, whether it be leading a team or just volunteering. I did that for some time; I just loved seeing the world.

BC: How many countries have you been to?

J: Uh, I don’t even know! Almost every country that is not cold. Like, I’ve never been to Russia or Greenland, places like that. I’ve been to a lot of places in poverty, mostly Caribbean. Haiti, Africa, Cambodia, China, places like that!

BC: Wow! But now you’ve been to Alaska, so you really can’t say “Not every place that’s cold,” huh?

J: Yeah! I’m trying to break the habit. I’ve always wanted to go!

BC: Were there a lot of bugs during your trip?

J: There was nothing! I went to a place called Trapper Creek, and it was void of everything – no people, nothing! It was nice; it was very peaceful.

BC: Nice! If you could bring any fictional character with you on an adventure, who would you bring?

J: Indiana Jones, my favorite character of all time.

BC: How did you get into teaching?

J: I pretty much decided it in high school, that I wanted to be a teacher. That was my goal. I wanted to be Indiana Jones. He was a teacher that traveled. That’s how much of an influence that movie had on me. I studied history… world history, Roman history. I was going to be a history teacher that traveled to all these places and see history come alive!

BC: What is your favorite thing about YouTube?

J: It’s connected me with so many amazing people that I never knew! Just hearing other people’s stories and connecting with other people that are like-minded, who have all these amazing stories that many people will likely never get to hear. I really love that. I love hearing how people succeeded, how they are living and made their dreams come true! They don’t have to be famous. That’s the best thing for me.

BC: What is your least favorite thing about YouTube?

J: The YouTube drama, people not understanding you so they just hate you for your opinion. They don’t take the time to learn about you, who you are… they just watch a video and decide, “I hate that guy; let’s shame and laugh at him!”

BC: When are you and Ryan getting hitched?

J: *giggles and facepalms* Unfortunately, we broke up. We had too different goals and dreams in life, so we called it quits.

B: You didn’t try couples therapy, nothing? You just quit cold turkey?

J: We came to a mutual understanding.

Drunk 3PO

BC: Alright, that’s fair enough. How did the Dark Council start? Lord Callous and La Reina are my absolute favorite.

J: It started back in the Last Jedi days. I became friends with the most amazing YouTubers. Their voices weren’t being heard. There were people from one side of The Last Jedi saying that the only people that hate this film are “old, white men;” everyone else loves this! And here we are, we have these Youtubers that aren’t white, that are saying, “We can’t stand this film,” and are being silenced because no one wanted to hear their opinion.

So we put together this group – and these people have become some of my best friends – to try to bring to light their opinions and values because they don’t like being lumped up into a box that the internet put them in based on an agenda checklist.

When we started, a lot of them weren’t monetized on their own personal YouTube accounts, so the Dark Council really helped put eyes on them. At the time, my own YouTube channel was bigger, so I was able to use my platform to get new, fresh eyes on them. And we were able to get their YouTube goals accomplished. It’s been an awesome run. They are some of the best people I know and have met online.

BC: Where can we find the Dark Council?

J: Right now, we have been rotating channels because we want each person to have an exposure. In the near future, we are probably going to create one channel and keep it as a home base.

BC: That is a great idea; that way people always find the Dark Council without having to figure out who is hosting it each week! How’s Gina Carano?

J: *Giggles* I knew you’d ask. She is very happy with what she is doing now. She is creating the movie that she wants to create. I feel that she is going to be in the director’s chair pretty soon, maybe even writing a story that she wants to tell.

She’s just very happy and excited! She’s doing all these comic cons just to meet everyone! When I spoke to her about the comic cons, she said that she wants to hug everyone that’s been so supportive!

BC:  What is your favorite theme park, and why?

J: That changes month to month! But if we got rid of all of them and I had to pick one: Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It has the Pandora, and it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely amazing. *Giggles* I love the animals. I get what is going on with Disney and why people are so upset.

BC: What makes a good theme park?

J: A unique balance of thrill rides, children’s rides, and beautiful things to see. Each theme park should have themed restaurants. If I was designing a Star Wars theme park, it would have restaurants themed around the park. Like Animal Kingdom has restaurants designed with the theme of what you would eat on an actual safari. That’s really neat. It needs to have wonderfully themed food options.

BC: Lethal would like to know what your first car was.

J: My first car was a Ford Mustang, stick shift. I can’t remember the year. It was old. All I had was a thousand bucks to buy a used car. It lasted me three years before it died.

BC: Can you look into the camera and smolder, please?

J: What on earth is a smolder? *makes the following face*

Drunk 3PO

BC: Do you like cats? What is your favorite cat breed?

BC: Favorite theme park food?

J: Soft serve ice cream. Not the hard ice cream! I’m in Florida, it’s hot, it’s just the way to go!

BC: Rank all six Star Wars films in order, from your favorite to least favorite.

J: Revenge of the Sith (is my favorite), Empire Strikes Back, Phantom Menace, A New HopeReturn of the Jedi, and Attack Of The Clones. I’m a prequels guys.

BC: Anything you want to say to the viewers?

J: I appreciate so much of what they have done for me, more than they realize. I’m so grateful. I’m grateful for them every day. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here on YouTube. They are extremely special. I’m just extremely thankful. What we were able to accomplish just these past two years… we were able to raise over $80,000 for charity on Drunk3PO, with the help of G+G of course! We built a house for orphans in El Salvador.

My viewers and supporters have been with me through thick and thin! They have been with this channel and me, and I’m just so appreciative of them showing up, commenting, watching, giving their opinion, and encouraging me. They are everything, I would be nothing without each and every one of them.

A Statement From Krista

“Jay coughs like cats.”

Speed Round – Short Answers Only

BC: Favorite film?

J: Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

BC: Jedi or wizard?

J: Jedi.

BC: Favorite composer?

J: John Williams.

BC: Celebrity crush, besides Gina?

J: Natalie Portman

BC: Favorite color?

J: Blue

BC: Favorite video game?

J: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

BC: Favorite board game?

J: Chess.

BC: Favorite cheese?

J: Cheddar.

BC: What is your go-to drink?

J: Uh… *giggles* water. It’s so boring. I don’t really drink that much alcohol.

BC: Do you like the Spice Girls?

J: Yes.

BC: Favorite destination?

J: Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

BC: Have you ever read any of the Star Wars EU books?

J: Yes!

BC: Weirdest place you’ve ever fallen asleep?

J: My kitchen floor.

BC: What? How?

J: It was super late, and I was super hungry. I put frozen food in the microwave for eight minutes, and I kinda just sat on the counter, waiting for it to finish, and I just fell asleep. It wasn’t like I slept for hours! But when I woke up, everything hurt, and I was like, “What are you doing, Jay? Get up!” I didn’t even eat the food; I just went to bed! I left it in the microwave.

BC: Did you ever end up eating it, or did you toss it?

J: I don’t remember! I probably threw it away if I left it overnight. Man, I’ve slept everywhere, as everyone knows… floors, couches, buses, airplanes, cars, outside… Yeah, I don’t know what it is. I’ve been blessed. It’s not always the best, because you wake up in pain!

Questions From The Twitterati

Twitter: What’s it feel like to be the most handsome man on the internet? Is there a lot of pressure, or does it come naturally to you?

J: *laughs* Who asked that? Dr. Rachel Lindberg? Yes, there is a lot of pressure. I’m ready to give up the crown because of it.

BC: Do you nominate someone?

J: No, but I’ll take applications. There’s too much stress, and I just want to eat at buffets! I don’t want to worry about body image. It started out as a joke, and it’s never ended! It started when someone was trolling me on Twitter and calling me “fat” and “ugly.” I went and took the most ridiculous, flamboyant photo and posted it underneath his comment, saying, “Say what you want, but I am the most handsome man on YouTube.” It got a lot of traction!

These people were making fun of the way I looked, and people just kept saying, “Oh, we got the most handsome man on YouTube!” I can’t even find the photo; it’s been years. I had a pink shirt and had a bandana on…. All the comments after that were like, “I hate this guy,” and “He thinks he’s so funny…” I loved it. Because some people on Twitter are so dumb. I just don’t care.

T: What it is like to be the #1 lawn mowing simulator streamer?

J: That’s also a lot of pressure! It’s hard to keep up. I plan on returning and taking my crown back, as I haven’t played in two months.

T: Where does your passion for theme parks come from?

J: I loved theme parks as a kid. My brother (Lee) and I would always travel together to all these different places. Maybe it was the sensation of adventure, riding all these thrill rides! Then, when I would come back to the USA after being away, I would be like, “Let’s go get some ice cream, cotton candy, let’s go on some rides and have some fun!” It was always appealing.

We both moved to the Orlando area around the same time. We aren’t fanatics, but we go enough. It’s just a thing we do. I would love to take a road trip and hit up all the non-Disney theme parks around America. That would be fun.

T: What is your favorite theme park ride?

J: Avatar’s Flight Of Passage in Animal Kingdom.

T: If you could play professional baseball, what position would you play and why?

J: First base, because I played first base in high school and in all of my softball leagues. I’m just a big target, so it’s easy to throw it. And I’m slow!

Thanks JoAY for sitting down to chat; it was absolutely amazing!

You can follow Jay on his website, his two Twitter accounts, Instagram, Park Hoppin’ YouTube Channel, Twitch, and you can find his podcast on Spotify and on Apple!

Jay’s YouTube channels: Drunk3PO, Jay Walking The Planet, Mental Chill, Drunk3PO’s Basement, and Drinking In Pandora.

You can also find Jay on the latest episode of Geeks + Gamers Tabletop!

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