Jaleel White Signs Onto Skeleton Crew

Jaleel White of Family Matters recently appeared on Rogers Sportsnet and discussed his role in Skeleton Crew, the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series from Jon Watts. Check out an excerpt here:

“I’m actually gonna be in a new series on Disney+ starring Jude Law called Skeleton Crew. It’s coming out in November/December,” he said. “That’s a big change for me, I have to do two hours of makeup every day. I get to play a pirate.”

Set in the Mandalorian/Ahsoka time period, Skeleton Crew has been described as Amblin-esque or Stranger Things in space. No more is known about White’s involvement at this time. 

I only know him as Steve Urkel, and I haven’t even watched Family Matters in about a decade. As such, I’m neither excited nor opposed to seeing him in Star Wars. I don’t know what to expect from Skeleton Crew, but in a way, that’s exciting. It’s kind of cool to go into a Star Wars project blind for once. 

But what do you think about Skeleton Crew, Jaleel White starring in it, or anything else? Talk to us in the comments!

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