Jason Momoa Talks Snyder Cut of Justice League

Jason Momoa has been swimming in some mysterious waters throughout the Aquaman press junket, as he gave some details about his original Justice League arc, particularly as it pertains to Vulko. Some of the most intriguing things about film productions are the what if stories, the visions that were tossed aside in favor of others. In the case of Justice League, what Snyder would have done with the story will always be an interesting subject. Early on in the casting process for Justice League, it was announced that Willem Dafoe had been cast as Vulko in the film. According to Momoa, the plan in the Snyder cut was for Vulko to try to get Arthur to help with an evil force coming to Atlantis, and Arthur ultimately rejecting the idea to go home and see his dad, thus leading to the opening scene of Aquaman.

Willem Dafoe, Aquaman, Justice League Snyder cut

To hear Momoa discussing just what exactly was lost from the Snyder cut is fascinating, to say the least. Despite being a divisive director, Snyder was committed to casting top-tier talent in the team-up movie, and the former Spider-Man villain was no exception. Having seen an Amazon Prime screening of Aquaman, I can say that Dafoe gives a fantastic performance and would have only enhanced Justice League had his footage been spliced into the film. Although many industry bigwigs may frown upon Momoa discussing this aspect of Justice League, it’s refreshing to hear an actor speak so candidly about a project, and this only makes me admire the Stargate Atlantis alum even more. Although we may never get to see an assembled Snyder cut of Justice League, it’s nice to hear these stories about what could have been. Hopefully, we’ll get some more info down the road, but for now, we can take solace in the fact that Aquaman and Vulko will be on the big screen in theaters everywhere December 21st.

Do you want to see the lost footage of Vulko from the Justice League Snyder cut? Are you looking forward to the King of the Seven Seas’ solo debut? Let us know in the comments!

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