Joe Russo Talks Extraction Sequel

Time to rake up some evildoers! In an exclusive interview with Collider, Joe and Anthony Russo discussed the upcoming sequel to Extraction, their Netflix-released action movie starring Chris Hemsworth. Joe Russo had some interesting tidbits about what the film will look and feel like, and they sound pretty cool.

“It’s great. It’s very different from ‘Extraction 1’, which we like. It’s its own movie in that regard. It has a different color schematic. It’s set in a different part of the world. It has a different pace, a different tone than the first one. And that, to us, is an interesting way to approach serializing a story, is that it’s more surprising and unexpected, and you’re not going to get the exact same movie that you got the last time out. So we’re really excited about it, and we think it was beautifully shot. Hemsworth’s fantastic in it. And we’re excited to share it with audiences.”

I love this. The different setting and “color schematic” jibes with those pictures of Hemsworth in the snow. I also think changing the kind of story is the right move. It’s what I wanted them to do with the Taken franchise; drop the kidnap/rescue scenario – don’t even call them Taken 2, Taken 3, etc. – and put Bryan Mills in a completely different situation. That seems to be where they’re going with Extraction. All you have to do is keep the character consistent, and Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake is a great, old-school action hero. Putting him in a new mission gives more dimension and, ultimately, will make him look like he can handle more than just one type of situation. The pace and tone will probably change naturally as a result of that, though I hope they don’t change too much; I liked the relentlessness and brutal violence in Extraction, and I hope that carries over to the sequel. (And thank God it’s a sequel and not a prequel; that somewhat mitigates the ending of Extraction, which was a letdown after two hours of pure awesome. Plus, you know, stakes and stuff.) This movie can’t get here soon enough – speaking of which, a release date would be appreciated.

What do you think of Joe Russo’s comments on the Extraction sequel? Did you like the first movie? If Tyler Rake can kill a bad guy with a rake, shouldn’t Bryan Mills have chopped a kidnapper’s head off with a windmill? Let us know in the comments, and stick around Geeks + Gamers for more Hemsworth action!

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