Kotaku Blames Pelosi Assault on Gamergate

The biggest news story around right now is the assault at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco, where her husband was allegedly beaten with a hammer by David Depape. Whatever your take on it, and there are many going around, it seems as far-removed from entertainment as possible, right? Well, Kotaku asked someone to hold whatever the hell they drink over there (something with “chai” in the adjective portion of the name, I imagine) and decided to blame the entire thing on Gamergate.

The attacker reportedly ran a now-deleted Wix blog where he posted conspiracy theories about QAnon, the Holocaust, sex rings run by the Democractic party, and coronavirus. “How did I get into all this” he allegedly wrote on August 23. “Gamer gate it was gamer gate.”

Kotaku’s source for this angle is an article from The Independent (via Yahoo Entertainment) that discusses this blog and certain social media posts – all of which have been taken down – through which he demonstrated support for conspiracy theories and right-wing causes and opinions. Depape says that Gamergate turned him onto these topics, so, of course, it’s responsible for him breaking into Nancy Pelosi’s house.

The Independent is blaming the right any way it can, like a good bunch of media lackeys, but Kotaku looks like it’s seizing an opportunity to attack Gamergate. Look at the litany of atrocities they say Gamergate caused:

“Their tactics were so cohesive that Steve Bannon borrowed them for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Gamergate personalities were also key in organizing the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol building. The attack on Nancy Pelosi’s residence is not an anomaly, but part of a longer pattern in how Gamergaters use violence to intimidate those they disagree with politically.”

That’s nothing; just wait until they invent time travel, and we find out what really happened to JFK. And do you think Putin would have invaded Ukraine without the approval of angry gamers? Any support Kotaku may have gotten from this narrative has been thrown out the window by turning a bunch of people who disliked the way gaming journalism was being conducted into SPECTRE. The article, and others like it, will be touted in the coming week or so, but only by people who already hated Gamergate. If only G4TV were still around to clap about how “weird” this is.

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