Kotaku Writer Challenges Gamers to a Fight, Then Changes her Mind

Want to see one of the funnier stories in the cold war between gamers and games journalists? Don’t worry; it won’t take long. This is the saga of Alyssa Mercante throwing down the gauntlet to gamers… and then quickly picking it back up. You remember Alyssa Mercante, right? She’s the Kotaku journalist whose name everyone’s become familiar with in the past few months – the one who infiltrated the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected Discord server, planned a hit piece on Melonie Mac, and tracked down and harassed the wife of Jeff from Smash JT. Well, she’s had all’s she can stand, and she can’t stands no more, so she challenged anyone who disagrees with her about diversity and whatnot to a physical fight (after mischaracterizing them, of course). You can see the clip, courtesy of Olde Man Grimm:

Sure, because all the tough guys I’ve ever met have made duck lips while threatening people. But let’s be real: nobody thinks this is a legit challenge. Olde Man Grimm is exactly right in calling Mercante “Frosk 2.0.” This is performance art, virtue signaling as a champion of diversity before pretending to be willing to fight for it, as if that would ever come up. This is the same thing we see online every day, how the distance created by the internet has bred a new generation of phony tough guys who will never have to follow through on their braggadocio. This one just happened to be in front of a camera.

The thing is, Mercante is such an unlikable figure (going after people’s families will do that to you) that someone decided to take her up on her offer. Vera Dark – who was blocked by Mercante because of course she was – offered to step in the ring with her:

Initially, Mercante puffed up like a porcupine at the accepted challenge, then listed some demands:

But, predictably, Mercante backed out, after which she suggested taking it to the streets:

Of course, this was never really going to happen. But more importantly than popping the phony tough guy balloon of a games journalist/hobgoblin is the larger picture, and I come back to Olde Man Grimm’s comment for that. He’s right that this was modeled after Frosk’s rant about how being attracted to hot women is racist or something. And what happened shortly after Frosk made a fool of herself while those imbeciles clapped for her? G4 collapsed. Kotaku has gone through a tumultuous time lately, with signs that its parent company, G/O Media, is trying to get rid of its staff. It may not be long before it’s dustbinned permanently.

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June 11, 2024 at 7:44 pm

I see no reason for Alyssa to back down. Mercante looks like she could win.
So much respect for Vara Dark for wanting the challenge. Surprised at this.
Hope she reconsiders.

I watched the Crypto fights on Karate Combat, and they all did good, even the people who got knocked out. It was interesting watching middle aged men fight.

    June 12, 2024 at 7:50 pm

    I don’t think she was ever serious. She just didn’t expect anyone to take her up on it.

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