More Alleged Victims Cooperate in Case Against Jonathan Majors

Things are getting worse for Jonathan Majors – much worse. Variety has learned from “sources familiar with the matter” that “multiple alleged abuse victims of Majors have come forward” and are “cooperating with the Manhattan district attorney’s office.” This comes after Majors’ management and public relations firms dropped him a couple of days ago; since then, he’s been removed from several projects, including a movie called The Man in my Basement and an ad for the Texas Rangers baseball team. Additionally, he has “stepped down” from the Gotham Film and Media Institute and the Sidney Poitier Initiative. Marvel and Disney have yet to part ways with the actor, who currently plays the villain of the next couple of MCU Phases, Kang the Conqueror.

I believe in innocent until proven guilty, and Jonathan Majors has not been proven guilty of anything yet. He hasn’t had a trial, and his first day in court is over a month away. And Majors maintains his innocence, as a new statement from his lawyer reiterates:

“Jonathan Majors is innocent and has not abused anyone. We have provided irrefutable evidence to the District Attorney that the charges are false. We are confident that he will be fully exonerated.”

That being said, it doesn’t look good. More women are coming forward, indicating a pattern of abuse. That isn’t conclusive in itself; people lie, especially about famous people in highly publicized cases like this, and none of the details about any of these allegations are public outside of what little we know of the case in question. But a narrative – whether it’s true or not – is emerging, and added to that is a Twitter thread from Tim Nicolai, an actor and director who works mostly in theater and attended Yale School of Drama with Majors.

Jonathan Majors victims

Again, it’s not conclusive right now, but if Nicolai is on the level and there were allegations of abuse from way back when… it doesn’t look good.

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