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Most Anticipated PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Games of 2018

2017 has come and gone, and what a year it was for video games! We saw some excellent efforts last year, yet more than a handful of not-so-great games. 2018’s lineup is looking to be just as epic, so Mike Calkins and I are teaming up once again to share a list of our most anticipated titles making their way to gamers in 2018!

Tony: Hey, Mike! Great to have another opportunity to work together so soon! Clearly we both still have our jobs after our “controversial” list of top games from 2017! Haha!

Mike: Jury’s still out, haha! On a serious note, I’m glad to be back chatting with you today! This is going to be an exciting year for gaming, I can feel it!

T: There is definitely a lot of excellent looking stuff coming our way. Hopefully this year isn’t quite as controversial as the last, with all of the hoopla surrounding games such as Star Wars Battlefront II and Destiny 2, but I won’t hold my breath. Let’s go ahead and jump right into it. Do us the honors and give us the first game on your most-anticipated list, Mike!

M: Alright, it would be smart to say this from the get go: we’re going to be going off of what is currently projected to be released this year. These games might get delayed tomorrow for all we know; hopefully not, but it’s possible.

T: Great point. Also, it should be noted that there may be plenty of games releasing this year that we don’t even know about yet. Since neither of us are psychic (at least as far as I know), we just can’t include those games or guess what may come.

M: Agreed. That being said, kicking off my list is Days Gone.

M: This is a PlayStation exclusive open world survival horror game from the makers of Syphon Filter! When they unveiled this game a couple ofbyears back, showing off gorgeous environments and zombie swarms that would make World War Z blush, I was automatically hooked. Pair that with the fact that Sam Witwer, one of my favorite actors, is the main hero of the game, and I know as soon as the pre-order goes live they’ll have my money. The latest demo we saw showed some great dynamic weather and the freedom they hand you when tackling missions. They also showcased the brutality of the game, which really reminded me of how I felt seeing violence in The Last of Us. I’m beyond excited for Days Gone!

T: I’ve seen clips and a bit of footage for the game, and it looks pretty great. I’m also a fan of Sam Witwer, and have been ever since he was Starkiller in The Force Unleashed, so I’m on board for anything he’s a part of. Also interesting, like you mentioned, is that it’s from the creators of Syphon Filter. I was actually reading that this is their first console game since 2007’s Syphon Filter: Logan’s Run. That’s a pretty long time, so we will see if they still have what it takes. One of my goals for this year is to finally purchase a PlayStation 4, and if I’m able to, I’ll definitely be considering a purchase of Days Gone. The only thing I’m concerned about is the oversaturation of zombie games that has taken the market by storm the past decade or so. It’s kind of wearing thin, but that’s just my personal opinion. Hopefully, Days Gone can become something that stands out from the crowd of typical zombie games.

M: I can totally understand that viewpoint. Honestly, that’s how I felt before The Last of Us released, but that’s now one of my favorite games of all time. I’m definitely looking forward to the announcement of Days Gone and getting my hands on it! Hit me with your first pick, Tony!

T: I’m gonna go ahead and just get this one out of the way, as I know we are both looking forward to this one: Red Dead Redemption 2.

T: Rockstar is FINALLY giving us the sequel to arguably one of the greatest games of all time. Red Dead Redemption is one of my personal favorite games. Ever. Everything in that game was masterfully done, from the story and the gameplay to the online mechanics. It’s awesome to hear rumors of the online component in RDR2, claiming it will be much like the fan-favorite GTA Online. While I never dived too much into GTA Online, I’m excited to see what Rockstar can do with the online portion of a current-gen Red Dead game. Also worth mentioning, is that Red Dead Redemption 2 actually functions as a prequel to its predecessor, so we will be able to see things from a point of view that takes place a bit earlier. Currently, there’s no release date for Red Dead Redemption 2, only the promise of Quarter 2 2018. Regardless of when it drops, Rockstar already has a firm grip on my money.

M: I mean…yeah. I’m mega hyped for Red Dead Redemption! I loved the first game to death. That game has some of the best DLC in all of gaming, with Undead Nightmare. When they pushed the release date for this sequel, I was so sad – that is, until I remembered that they pushed Grand Theft Auto 5’s release date and delivered one of the most polished open world experiences to date. Rockstar always delivers quality games, and I’m sure RDR2 will be no different. I just hope they do a better job with all the ranch activities this time around. Corralling horses and cows was a little annoying with the (at times) squirrelly horse controls. YEEEEE HAWWW!

T: I have to 100% agree with you on the claim of Undead Nightmare being one of the best DLCs in gaming. That was truly the model developers should follow for quality expansions. Okay, Mike, what’s next on your list?

M: Next up is Death Stranding.

M: After the horrifying debacle that resulted in Hideo Kojima leaving Konami and the Metal Gear series, I was so excited to see what he would do next. Would he join up with another studio? Would he take on a different franchise? Or would he create something all his own? Obviously after the announcement of Death Stranding, the latter is the result. I haven’t even seen any real gameplay for this game yet, but it already has my money because of Kojima. I love Metal Gear, it’s one of my favorite franchises ever. Seeing Kojima leave that franchise after the treatment he received broke my heart, but now it’s exhilarating. Death Stranding is completely untraveled ground, and that is hyping me up greatly. #F**k Konami.

T: I’m gonna preface my response by saying I’ve never been a fan of the Metal Gear series. It’s just not for me. I definitely appreciate it as a series and its place in gaming history, though. I also respect Hideo Kojima to the highest degree, and yes, it was a travesty how Konami did him. With that said, Death Stranding looks really good. I can’t make a full judgment call until I see some gameplay, but by the looks of it, it should be stellar. Adding the fact that Norman Reedus and Madds Mikkelsen have roles in the game, you can color me intrigued.

M: And Guillermo Del Toro is involved as well! Alright, hit me with your next one!

T: I’m gonna have to go with the Xbox One/PC exclusive Sea of Thieves.

T: Microsoft and Rare have been showing off this game for the past few years at E3 and the like, and it looks so fun. I was actually fortunate enough to be able to play test the game in an alpha state, but unfortunately, I can’t talk much about my experiences due to an NDA. Sea of Thieves’ open beta was just announced to be taking place later this month, so I’ll be able to speak on my experiences more once that releases. Basically, it’s a multiplayer, first person, open-world pirate game. You link up with other folks online, get a pirate ship, and set off looking for treasure, or whatever your pirate heart desires. There appears to be a TON of stuff to do in Sea of Thieves, and I can’t wait to dive in to this world. Microsoft is in dire need of quality exclusives, and I think Sea of Thieves may be something very special for Xbox One fans to enjoy. Not to mention Rare is developing the game. This is the same studio that has given us classics such as GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, and Perfect Dark. When Sea of Thieves launches, consider me all in.

M: Honestly, Sea of Thieves is a game I’d buy an Xbox One for. Everything I’ve seen from the showcases has had me incredibly intrigued from the start. I love pirate stuff, and being able to sail the seas with friends and battling in swashbuckling adventures is so tantalizing. I’m very intrigued to see the reviews for Sea of Thieves, and I hope it lives up to the hype!

T: I really do, too. It’s such an interesting concept, unlike anything we’ve been given before. As I said, Xbox needs Sea of Thieves to be a home run. I need this game to be a home run. *sheds tear*. What’s next for you, Mike?

M: Next for me is the untitled Pokémon game that is being developed from the ground up for the Nintendo Switch!

M: How can this NOT make my list? A full console Pokémon RPG? I’ve been screaming for this for YEARS, and the possibility of bringing it on the go like Breath of the Wild excites me deeply. I need more information on it; whether it will be a new region or not, the new variations on the pocket monsters, etc. I’m crossing my fingers, hoping it doesn’t get delayed or anything. PLEASE hurry up and get here!

T: Pokémon would be the defining reason for me to finally get a Switch, besides Breath of the Wild. If this game actually comes out this year (which I’m personally not completely sold on), it will only continue Nintendo down the path of amazing success they are already enjoying with the Switch. Pokémon is a staple series for Nintendo, and finally putting it on console with a Switch-exclusive entry will only further cement its greatness.

M: I’ve been playing Pokémon since I was able to hold a GameBoy Color, so the concept of them bringing a full-on Pokémon title to Switch brings a tear to my eye. I’m also concerned that it won’t be released this year but as of now, The Pokémon Company said it should be out in 2018. Watch, they’ll delay it tomorrow, haha. Hit me with your next one!

T: My next pick is Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

T: Granted, this one hasn’t been confirmed to come out this year yet, but Crystal Dynamics has confirmed we will be getting news this year. They also mentioned that it won’t be very long between the time the game is revealed and when we will actually get our hands on it. The reboot of Tomb Raider and its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, were absolutely phenomenal, especially so in the case of the latter. Both were my picks for Game of the Year in their respective launch years. Tomb Raider’s reboot was much needed, and it has proved to work out exceptionally well. After Rise of the Tomb Raider, I’m super excited to see and play more stories with Lara Croft.

M: I haven’t finished Rise of the Tomb Raider yet, but I’m definitely going to have it finished before Shadow releases, whenever that may be. I LOVED the Tomb Raider reboot; it was such a breath of fresh air and the jump to the M rating actually helped the game. Every hit you take feels more real, every enemy you kill hits you a little harder, and taking Lara from a scared girl to the tomb-raiding badass she becomes is such a welcome arc. From what I’ve played of the sequel, they’ve only magnified that. I can’t wait to see what comes from the next entry; here’s hoping its a great third act to what could possibly be one of the best action-adventure trilogies ever!

T: Yes, you absolutely need to finish it soon. It’s such a great game the storytelling is magnificent and they’ve taken everything great about the first one and expanded upon it in amazing ways. Give me your next one!

M: My next one is BioWare’s Anthem.

M: Technically this is the game that EA murdered Mass Effect for, so I should be pissed about this, but I’m not. When they unveiled this game at E3 last year, it floored me. Not just from a graphical point of view (of course it looks AMAZING!), but the gameplay looks FANTASTIC as well. The shooting, the massive scale, the movement style; it looks like fantastic sci-fi to me. This is seemingly going to be some kind of Destiny-style experience, and while that might be scary from a story perspective, this is BIOWARE. They generally take their time with there stories, and I have faith in Anthem because the lead is the same lead from the original Mass Effect trilogy.

T: I’m cautious about Anthem. VERY excited, but cautious. Like you mentioned, I’m irritated with EA for what they did to Mass Effect, but you can’t deny the game just looks awesome. It doesn’t surprise me that Anthem is going to be in the style of Destiny, because EA needs something like that right now. They need a way to do microtransactions correctly after the Battlefront II debacle, and who better to do it than BioWare? BioWare tells amazing stories for their superb-quality RPGs, but also has experience with MMOs in Star Wars: The Old Republic. So this seems like a natural fit.

M: You know what I’d rather see in 2018 than Anthem,though? Star Wars: The Old Republic on consoles. ANYWAYS, give me your next game!

T: Next for me is Far Cry 5.

T: Man, this game looks awesome. It’s going to be super cool to play a Far Cry game set in America. Previously, the locales have been pretty exotic, so it will be interesting to see how that affects gameplay. Far Cry 3, 4, and Primal have all been really solid games, so I’m expecting the same amount of quality this time around. The only major issue I had with 4 was that the side missions ended up being tedious and uninteresting after a certain amount of time. If they could take a page out of Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ playbook and make the side missions just as entertaining as the main quest line, that would be great. Also, the antagonists created for this game were an interesting choice. We’ll be fighting against a crazy, radical, religious cult in rural America. This is going to be one really crazy game, and I’ll be surprised if some kind of ruckus isn’t made about it in the media.

M: I guarantee there will be plenty of controversy about it. I’m exceedingly curious about this game. I picked up Far Cry 4 in the bargain area at Walmart, played three hours of it, and haven’t really gone back to it. I wasn’t grabbed by the game at all, beyond Troy Baker’s interesting villain. I’ll be watching Far Cry 5 closely before I decide to pick it up. The change of scenery is what interests me the most, though. Fighting in the streets of middle America is something we don’t get to see in gaming often. Hope it pays off for Ubisoft!

T: It definitely has potential if handled correctly! All right, Mike, we’re down to our last picks each. Go ahead and give me yours!

M: If you haven’t guessed my number 1 pick yet, knowing that I’m a PlayStation gamer AND a comic book fan, I don’t know what to say to you haha! Spider-Man PS4 was ALWAYS going to be the top of this list since its announcement.  

M: I’m beyond hyped for this game, and what it could mean for superhero gaming. In recent years, the best we’ve been getting for comic book gaming is the Arkham franchise. That’s great and all (well, not Arkham Knight), but Marvel needs some love too. When I was a child, Spider-Man was everything to me. I read Spider-Man comics, played with Spider-Man action figures, watched the Maguire films, and I WAS Spider-Man (in my own mind). We haven’t had a great open world Spider-Man game in nearly ten years, longer for some if they didn’t like Web of Shadows as much as I did. I have little doubt that Insomniac is going to give us the Spider-Man game we’ve always wanted, and the promise of a Marvel Gaming Universe is so close I can feel it. I need this game NOW.

T: This game is one of the reasons why I’m so upset I don’t currently own a PS4. Everything I’ve seen of Spider-Man has been absolutely amazing. Xbox is really missing out not having this one, and I think it’s liable to make a lot of Xbox folks, at the very least, grab themselves a PS4 as well. I really feel for your sentiments of Spidey, he’s always been one of my favorites as well. I truly get the feeling this will be an (wait for it) amazing… game.

M: Normally that pun would make me roll my eyes… but you’re not wrong, haha! Alright, Tony, the time has come. Give me your final game before we get into honorable mentions!

T: My final pick is another one that is kind of iffy. Kingdom Hearts 3.

T: While it’s not set in stone that KH3 is coming this year, it’s expected to do so. I haven’t played all of the Kingdom Hearts games, but I’m working my way through finishing up what I can before this one launches. I’m just really excited because it has been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will also be on Xbox One! Now if only we could get Xbox One ports of the previous games… The KH3 gameplay footage that was revealed last year in the Toy Story centric world was so great. I’m pretty sure everyone is with me when I say I’m super excited for this game. I just hope it lives up to the hype and everyone’s expectations.

M: I need to finish the other Kingdom Hearts games in time for this one; honestly, I think I’ll have plenty of time because I’m not sure this game will come out this year. I’m currently in a “believe it when I see it” mindset, but I’m definitely hyped to see more from KH3!

T: I’m kind of in that same state of mind as well, but here’s hoping! Well, it looks like we have another list out of the way. Before we close it up here, let’s list a few honorable mentions! What do you have for me, sir?

M: For me, my honorable mentions start with Monster Hunter: World. The only reason this is in my honorable mentions, rather than my list, is because I honestly don’t know what to think about it. It looks like A LOT of fun, but I’ve never played a single game in the franchise, haha. That being said, in concept, I love it. The idea of hunting behemoth monsters with friends sounds like so much fun, so here’s hoping that it is! After that is God Of War. The only reason this isn’t in the actual list is the same reason Monster Hunter isn’t: I’ve not really gotten into these games. Shocker, I know, coming from the PlayStation dude. These games just never appealed to me, but this one looks PHENOMENAL. It seems to have a deeper story, one that focuses on a father-son dynamic that COULD be as touching as the father daughter dynamic in The Last Of Us between Joel and Ellie. The combat looks like a ball of brutal fun, and it looks visually stunning. Can’t wait to get my hands on that one.  Alright Tony, give me your honorable mentions!

T: I have a couple honorable mentions. First, Dragon Ball FighterZ. I know it only comes out in like a week or so, but I’m still looking forward to this! Sign me up for anything related to Dragon Ball. I didn’t include it in my list simply because it comes out so soon, and also, I’m not a HUGE fan of fighting games, but this is Dragon Ball, so I’m hyped. Also, I’ve gotta give a shoutout to A Way Out. That game looks amazing, and the fact that you can play with a friend who bought the game without having to buy the game for yourself is just amazing. I’m really hyped to see how that game turns out; it looked awesome at E3 this past year.

T: Well, that does it for our most anticipated games for 2018! Do you agree with our picks? Are we missing something? Let us know! For now, keep your browsers locked to Geeks + Gamers for everything video gaming!

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