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So Hasbro has announced they will be rereleasing the Millennium Falcon from the Legacy collection ( 2007-8ish line) but with some minor differences. This Falcon will resemble the one that is currently at Galaxy’s Edge. The Falcon will cost around 400 bucks and will not include Han Solo. Instead you’ll get Chewie with stupid porgs …

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So it was reported that PS5 and Xbox Series X games will retail at 70 bucks or more. You know, there are lots of games that are out for the current gen systems that are not worth 50 bucks. If these next gen games are going to cost that much , they had better blow …

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Hasbro will be releasing a seconds version of Destro. The “ Pimp daddy “ Destro. This figure is based on the figure from the mid 90’s if memory serves me correctly. What do you guys think of this version of Destro? I’m not gonna lie. I’m digging it. I am definitely buying this figure. Lol.

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I am loving the new artwork for the new wave of Black Series figures! This Ahsoka figure looks amazing. I cannot wait to buy this when it comes out later this fall.

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Releasing later this fall, Hasbro, in my opinion, will release the best version of Luke yet. The sculpting and paint job on this figure looks amazing. Looks just like Mark Hamill! Now, if only Hasbro can make a Dagobah playset for these 6 inch figures! That would be awesome!

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So Hasbro announced they will be releasing a “ Bespin “ playset for the Star Wars vintage collection. While it’s great to see Hasbro finally making playsets for the figures, I felt they did a half ass job. In the picture, you see two separate sets that combine to make the playset. Seriously, Hasbro? Collectors …

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FUCK NAUGHTY DOG. FUCK THE CRITICS. Fuck any company who gives the middle finger to their fans who have been supporting them financially only to just give the illusion that they’re “ woke”. Do not buy this game. Not exactly a blog but more of an angry rant. Just wanted to get it off my …

4 years ago no Comment    I love the Star Wars Black Series collection! I just ordered the Snowspeeder to go with my 6 inch Black Series Luke Skywalker in pilot fatigues figure. Hasbro has been doing an amazing job with these very detailed and highly articulated figures and vehicles.

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