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2 years ago 2 Comments

Indiana Jones.   Captain America.   The Rocketeer.   The one crossover we need is precisely the one crossover we’ll never get, and it’s the one I’ve been wanting for years. If it isn’t obvious, all three of these epic characters had major roles in World War II. What may be less obvious is that …

2 years ago 2 Comments

It’s no secret that Batman V Superman and Justice League fell far short of expectations both with critics and fans alike. I personally enjoyed them, but unlike some of my friends in the Star Wars camp, I’m able to separate my personal opinion from the objective truth: they sucked. Man of Steel performed a bit …

2 years ago 7 Comments

Like many of you, I often find myself debating the merits of certain sequels/remakes, and more often than not, I’m met with the myth that the quality of a film is subjective simply because it’s a form of art, and “art is subjective.” Nothing could be further from the truth, otherwise a two-year-old’s crayola scribble …

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