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Fortnite Fracture
5 days ago no Comment

Fortnite has released the full details of what we’re to expect for the Finale Event… well, as much as they will release before the event. The tweet from the official Fortnite account includes an article with the details. They start the article and tweet the same with “don’t fall to pieces…” This, combined with the …

Fortnite Update v22.4
2 weeks ago no Comment

We have had what I’ve heard will be the last Fortnite update before Chapter 3 ends, and we get Fortnite v23. In the tweet from Fortnite Status Twitter, we get links to all three articles about the update: Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World. In Battle Royale, we now have the Octane car from …

Fortnite Fracture
2 weeks ago 1 Comment

Fortnite has announced that there will be an event at the end of the current season and that it will end Chapter 3. The tweet only teases a title card with the date and time. They are calling it “Fracture,” and the event will be Saturday, December 3rd, at 4:00 PM Eastern. The title has …

Fortnite Skywalker Week
4 weeks ago 1 Comment

Original Trilogy fans rejoice: Fortnite Skywalker week is here! We are getting Luke, Leia, and Han Solo skins in the Shop! So, here’s what I know based on the trailer. Both versions of Luke’s lightsaber – the blue from A New Hope and the green from Return of the Jedi – will be available as …

1 month ago no Comment

When the servers went offline for the update at 4:00 AM Eastern on October 18th, Fortnite dropped a video on their YouTube channel with a trailer. The trailer is interesting; there’s a wolf-headed skin featured that was hinted at in the Fortnitemares date announcement. When you read the article on the official Epic Fortnite website, …

Fortnite updates
2 months ago 3 Comments

Fortnite has released some info this week about in-game items and skins. The different sort of gun we saw in the season trailer has finally been announced and put in the game. The tweet calls it the Explosive Goo Gun and includes a video showing it in action. The goo that the gun shoots explodes, …

Fortnite Update v22.10
2 months ago no Comment

Fortnite has done the first big update of the season. According to the article linked in this tweet, there have been gun, loot, and Battle Pass changes. First off, they vaulted the normal DMR and replaced it with a Cobra DMR. They say it has a fast fire rate, and you’ll be able to get …

Fortnite Aya Nakamura
2 months ago no Comment

Fortnite has announced its next Soundwave Series event’s artist and date. According to the tweet, the artist is going to be Aya Nakamura, and the event will be on October 6th at 12:00 PM Eastern. If you participate, you’ll be awarded a loading screen, spray, and XP. According to the video announcement on YouTube, Aya …

Fortnite Marvel
2 months ago no Comment

For four months, Fortnite and Marvel have been dropping crossover comics and selling them in local comic shops. The first one was released on June 8th. Each comic has a code that unlocks items in the game. The updating article about the Zero War crossover that they linked in the tweet on June 7th reveals …

Fortnite Among Us
2 months ago no Comment

The collaboration that Among Us hinted at has been revealed. According to their tweet, they are doing a Cosmicube, which are the in-game rewards to unlock stuff to customize with, in collaboration with Hololive. When you go to the Hololivetv Twitter account, their bio says it is the official one for Holo Live Production, “which …

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