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Final Fantasy VII Remake
1 month ago no Comment

When they announced they would remake Final Fantasy VII, I was a bit apprehensive. This (along with the original Tomb Raider) was the reason I bought the first PlayStation. I played that game for countless hours and loved it so much it almost hurt. And obviously, the fate of Aerith was one of the more …

Reviews: How I Rate
2 months ago 4 Comments

I love making reviews, but before I start publishing them here, I have to explain my rating system and why I use it. For starters, I believe an average movie/game/show/book should be a 5 out of 10, not 6 or 7. We’re so used to “okay” being the norm (and to not examining content we …

The Foundation of Good TV
2 months ago 2 Comments

When AppleTV+ became available, I took the free week just to check it out. As a Grand Priest of all things Apple, I could do no less. Then I had the privilege of watching brilliant shows like “See” (Momoa forever!) and For All Mankind (OMG is that show amazing!). Then shortly after, I learned that …

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