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❤️❤️Brie Larson Has A YT Channel!!!❤️❤️
12 months ago 2 Comments

Sub Here!!

Is it social acceptable to wear odd socks?
1 year ago 7 Comments

I really don’t see the harm in it. Most of the time i am wearing shoes anyway so you wouldn’t notice

I Have Discovered An Amazing Truth!
1 year ago 9 Comments

Turns out my neighbour’s daughter is HOT! 

The best cereal
1 year ago 6 Comments

During my time off work due to covid i found myself reflecting on life’s biggest questions. “Why are we here?” “What’s the meaning of life?” “I wonder what her bra size is?” “What the breakfast at is the best cereal?” I can happily report that i now know the answer to 2 of those questions. …

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