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Wanted to make something special for Krista Novva. She is a really amazing person and wanted to shout Krista with this. If you are viewing this Krista, thank you so much for being an amazing human being. You got a beautiful soul, beautiful light, you bring joy to many people. Please dont ever change, the …

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So I have Tik Tok and in 1 of my videos I cosplayed as the Star Wars character I made (Nemo Calrissian, of course the son of Lando). I couldnt resist having my cat being in 1 video on my Tik Tok as I am cosplaying as my Star Wars character that I made. I …

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I just was messing around, wanting to put myself in Star Wars with me being a fan of Star Wars. This is supposed to be like an alternative time line where Luke went off to face an  enemy and he doesnt return and his apprentice, Nemo Calrissian (son of Lando) searches for him

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I couldnt resist do this edit, when I saw the original picture on Facebook I couldnt resist editing Ryan and Jeremys heads on the bodies. If Jeremy and Ryan sees this plz dont hurt me lol

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Doesnt Ryan and Jeremy look awesome in these? lol

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