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Gal Gadot
6 months ago 2 Comments

The woke Twitter mob really needs to get more consistent with their outrage. Only days ago, SJWs on Twitter complained that Mel Gibson, who was accused of anti-Semitic remarks fourteen years ago, was going to be in a movie. Evidently, it’s “rules for thee but not for me,” because the attacks on Wonder Woman actress …

Mark Ruffalo
6 months ago 1 Comment

Just because you are well known for something doesn’t mean that people will care about your political take. In the case of low-IQ Hollywood SJWs like Mark Ruffalo, that goes tenfold. As difficult as the COVID shutdown has been, it seems like irrelevant actors may be having the toughest time coping. With the 2020 election …

Mel Gibson
6 months ago 1 Comment

After the incredibly well-received trailer for the new movie Fatman, Mel Gibson was trending on Twitter. Not for his portrayal of the down on his luck, angry Santa Claus, but for the words he drunkenly uttered over a decade ago. Because for some of the insane SJW cancel mob, no amount of time is enough, …

Star Wars, Star Wars: Squadrons, Mitch Dyer
6 months ago 6 Comments

Will these people ever learn? The recent release of Star Wars: Squadrons could have been a great moment for Star Wars fans and gamers alike, a true Star Wars flight simulator inspired by the old Lucasarts games X-Wing and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. It had people, including myself, actually interested in something Star Wars for the first …

Jeremy Bullies Me
11 months ago 12 Comments

This is my first ever blog post.  I wanted to let the world know that Jeremy Griggs of Geeks Plus Gamers is a bully, he publicly posted my profile to make me accept his friend request, and made fun of me for having negative Geek points.

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