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Witcher Spin-off
2 days ago no Comment

With the recent departure of Henry Cavill from the role of Geralt, Netflix’s Witcher universe is in a more precarious position than ever, with every press announcement involving Netflix’s Witcher universe being met with staunch opposition. The recent trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin has been ratioed entirely, and a petition for Henry Cavill to …

Nicki Aycox
1 week ago no Comment

2022 has tragically claimed another life too soon. Nicki Aycox, known for her role as Meg Masters in Supernatural, passed away on November 16th. The cause of death hasn’t been announced, but it’s likely due to her leukemia diagnosis a year ago. Nicki’s sister-in-law confirmed the news, saying, “She was definitely a fighter and everyone who knew …

Doctor Who Companion
1 week ago no Comment

The jury is still out on whether or not quality will return to Doctor Who with the return of Russell T. Davies. Once upon a time, he gave fans some of the best television ever put to screen, but in recent years, a fall from grace has been apparent. In the meantime, all fans can do is wait …

Jaskier, Witcher canon
2 weeks ago no Comment

The closer The Witcher: Blood Origin gets to its release date, the more red flags appear, creating uncomfortable parallels betwixt it and Amazon’s The Rings of Power. Every piece of information released about this prequel series contains major canon contradictions. From the date of the Conjunction of Spheres, the creation of the first Witcher, the …

Witcher 3 next-gen
2 weeks ago no Comment

After years of begging from fans, CD Projekt Red is finally delivering the long-awaited Next-Gen update of The Witcher 3. The update is now coming December 14th, mere weeks away, and will be free for everyone who already owns a copy of the game, even for PC players. A showcase of the graphics, gameplay, and features included in this update …

Doctor Who David Tennant
2 weeks ago no Comment

The newly Disneyfied Doctor Who is only a year away from release, with three “hour-long spectacular” 60th-Anniversary specials coming in November of 2023. These episodes will likely answer some of the prevailing questions left from “The Power of the Doctor,” such as why The Doctor regenerated into David Tennant. However, some of these questions have …

Assassin's Creed
3 weeks ago no Comment

Assassin’s Creed has been a juggernaut in the gaming sphere ever since the first one’s release on November 13th, 2007. This Sunday is the anniversary of that release, so let’s celebrate with a ranking of the many games that have defined this franchise and entertained countless gamers across those fifteen years. The franchise has evolved …

Blood Origin teaser, Blood Origin, The Witcher
3 weeks ago no Comment

Netflix’s prequel to their bastardization of The Witcher, The Witcher: Blood Origin, has released another teaser trailer with just over a month left until its premiere. The fact that not even a full trailer is out yet implies studio concern with the product; the longer trailers and promos are withheld, the more likely it is …

3 weeks ago no Comment

The CW has one of the worst reputations in Hollywood; its name has often been used as a synonym for poor or woke content. However, the CW’s problems far predate the infestation of wokeness. Its notoriety for poorly written and sappy teenage dramas has persisted since its inception. The channel has also never been profitable …

Stranger Things Day
3 weeks ago no Comment

The newly anointed Stranger Things Day came and went, reinvigorating fans before the long trudge through the years until season 5’s release. While this day was mainly focused on celebration and camaraderie, a reveal of the franchise’s future was slipped in with the revelry. As announced by the Stranger Things social media accounts, the first episode of the coming …

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