Natasha Liu Bordizzo on Sabine’s Ahsoka Journey

Natasha Liu Bordizzo recently spoke with Entertainment Weeklys Dagobah Dispatch podcast about her character, Sabine Wren, in Ahsoka. Specifically, she addressed concerns about Sabine attaining the ability to use the Force and the journey she embarks on to become a Jedi. Despite debuting in Rebels, Sabine became a point of contention in Ahsoka for becoming a Jedi, making bad choices, and other things. Check out what Bordizzo thinks here:

“There’s been a lot of feedback about how Sabine has made some wrong choices, and she definitely is a very polarizing character for some… But it was really fun to be able to come from such a dark place and show the arc of where that’s going. I think the show wouldn’t have had as much of a journey without starting with their dynamic being so tense and needing each other, but not really wanting to need each other.”

“There was some feedback [online] that the Force was too easy for Sabine, and I was like, ‘What do you mean?… The concept of the Force being this difficult to attain but attainable state of being that people could access with hard work and dedication, I think, is a really honorable concept that feels very Dave. And George Lucas had originally also said that.”

“I think it’s awesome that it was a journey… You get to see her fail, and you get to see her try again and again. Mind you, she’s not always cool and finishing the fight in a cool way and having the last word. It’s messy. And then, finally, when the stakes are so high, she’s able to harness it in the time she needed to most.”

Personally, I never thought the Force being too easy was the problem. That was the problem with Rey, but not Sabine. Sabine doesn’t need the Force; being a Jedi doesn’t suit her personality or beliefs, and giving one character so many abilities dilutes and overpowers them. Sabine was already a Mandalorian warrior, a powerful swordsman, and the inventor of a wildly dangerous weapon. She had a lot of family drama, both with her biological family and the Ghost crew. Both in terms of story and skill, making Sabine a Jedi is unnecessary. She has a lot going on, and she has plenty of struggles and abilities without this one. I agree with what she says about the Force being difficult but attainable, but I don’t think everyone needs to attain it, just like how not everyone in our world is a world-class pianist.

Sabine Ahsoka

Regarding Sabine’s poor choices, I never had a problem with them. I think her giving Balon the map to Peridea was one of the highlights of the season. Of course, it was the wrong decision; that’s why it’s interesting, and it’s very on-brand for Sabine. She is not a Jedi in anything but name! She cares about Ezra way more than the rest of the galaxy. That’s what should have been the point. The problem comes in when Ezra and Ahsoka aren’t upset about this at all. Really, dude? Ezra stranded himself on a strange planet in an unknown galaxy for a decade to prevent Thrawn’s return, which Sabine has now facilitated in Ezra’s name. He should be a little bit bothered.

But what do you think about Sabine, Bordizzo’s comments, or anything else? Let us know in the comments!

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