New Creed 3 Trailer Punches With Details

Today, Regal released the first trailer for Creed 3, the first Rocky universe movie without Rocky.

This movie looks to focus on an old childhood friend of Adonis coming back into his life.  After kicking ass and taking names in the boxing world, Adonis must fight to keep his glorious life and career. Unfortunately, in order to do this, he must deal with that old friend, who wants nothing more than to destroy everything, including Adonis himself.

In the trailer, we also see Tessa Thompson’s Bianca played a bit differently from Apollo Creed’s wife, Mary Anne, in a similar situation in the Rocky movies. During Rocky 4, Mary Anne doesn’t want Creed to fight Drago and begs him not to; in this movie, it looks like Bianca really pushes Adonis to fight his ultimate challenge. It’ll be an interesting change to see how this affects the fighter differently from his father.

The movie doesn’t look bad, per se. It’ll probably be a decent popcorn flick, but it won’t be the same without Rocky. We all knew this day was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier having to watch a Rocky franchise movie without Rocky/Stallone. Stallone WILL be a producer on the film, but it’ll be interesting to see if he has any issues with this movie upon release. 

If you aren’t in the know, Stallone has been very outspoken about MGM and Irwin Winkler “exploiting” the Rocky franchise. This came after the announcement that a Drago spinoff was in the works. Somehow, though, I think it was more about not asking for Stallone’s involvement that really irritated him. After all, he had NO qualms with the Creed spinoff…

Creed 3 Stallone Drago

This situation went so far as to coax Dolph Lundgren to speak out. Dolph is distancing himself from the project and says he had no idea Stallone was never even asked to be involved. As the two stars are pretty close friends, it would seem the Drago spinoff won’t see the light of day.

As far as Creed 3 goes, this is the first in the series directed by Michael B. Jordan. The film currently has a release date of March 3, 2023.

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