No Hard Feelings Trailer is Actually Funny

Who knew it’d be Jennifer Lawrence who made us all laugh again? Today, Sony Pictures Entertainment released a red band trailer for their upcoming comedy No Hard Feelings. Lawrence stars as a desperate Uber driver who’s hired by a well-to-do couple to seduce their severely introverted son. Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti, Natalie Morales, Scott MacArthur, and Andrew Barth Feldman also star. Co-written and directed by Gene Stupinsky, No Hard Feelings will arrive exclusively in theaters on June 23, 2023. You can see the red band (which means not safe for work) trailer below:

That trailer made me laugh. I know; I’m as surprised as you are. I thought the comedy was effectively dead, what with wokeness stifling humor wherever it seeks to make people happy for a split second. And that goes double for the raunchy sex comedy. But this looks great, like the kind of thing we’d have seen three of a year a decade ago. And Jennifer Lawrence, of all people, is the star! They don’t come much more uptight and grating than her, but here she is, making me laugh. I wonder if that’s on purpose; her star has been fading of late, and after years of lecturing the little people while Hollywood was desperately trying to convince us that she’s her generation’s Meryl Streep (which she ain’t), maybe she – or her agent – figures she needs some goodwill. If so, this is the perfect way to get it: not only making people laugh but giving them what they’ve been denied for too long. The director and co-writer, Gene Stupinsky, also wrote Bad Teacher, which I thought was hilarious. I haven’t seen his other work, but I may check it out now. Also, how weird is it seeing Matthew Broderick play the dad in a movie like this? Watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and then see this trailer again and feel ancient. I’m looking forward to this, although I’ll probably be waiting for the woke rug to be pulled out from under me till the credits roll.

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