Original Downtown Disney Restaurant Closing

Catal Restaurant and Uva Bar is closing at Downtown Disney in Disneyland to accommodate new shops. Catal is one of the oldest eateries in Downtown Disney and seemingly a favorite, based on fan reaction online. Check out a statement here:

“We’re celebrating an incredible, delightful, delicious 22 years — from now until our last day of service,” the restaurant said. “… Sip favorite cocktails from the last two decades as we toast to the laughs, the memories, and the meals.⁣ Come cheers with us one more time.”

In December, The Orange County Register reported on the specifics of the planned renovations:

“The commercial construction permits filed with the Anaheim Planning and Building Department call for a new 8,300-square-foot retail building with room for five shops. Also in the works: A new bathroom and employee break room,” the outlet reported.

I’ve never been to any of the Disney parks, so I don’t have any particular connection to the restaurants and shops there. But it seems that people love this restaurant, and this is just progress for the sake of progress, which strikes me as odd. Disney needs to cut spending on Disney+ and fire entire divisions of people, but they can afford to demolish and rebuild big segments of their theme park? And this is a restaurant, not something that requires renovation, like an old ride. But if I’ve learned one thing over the past couple of years, it’s that I’ll never understand what goes on at Disney.

Have you ever eaten at Catal? Are you sad to see it go? Drop us a line below!

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