Owl House Special “For the Future” Gets a Trailer

This weekend, Disney released a short trailer for the upcoming second season 3 Owl House special. “For the Future” sees Luz and her friends journey back into the Boiling Isles and face the Collector. The episode airs next Saturday, January 21st, on Disney Channel and its YouTube channel. Check out the clip here:

Wow, this looks intense. The Collector reshaping the residents of the Boiling Isles reminds me of Thanos turning Drax into blocks. When I saw the preview of this trailer on Twitter, I assumed that was Eda crying and embracing Hootie, but it’s Lilith. She looks very different with her natural, curly red hair. I like it, but I’d like it better longer. Of course, her appearance is hardly a priority in an apocalypse situation. It’s good to see that King is safe, at least physically. I’m sure babysitting a demon-god-child wouldn’t have been his first choice, and if he messes up at all, he could die. I don’t think the Collector is patient or understanding. Part of the fear comes from such a powerful entity being a child; children are selfish and don’t understand the consequences of their choices. I can’t wait to see “For the Future” and the third and final special. 

What did you think of the trailer? Talk to us in the comments! 

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