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REVIEW: Inside Out 2 (2024)

I usually do my best to go into a movie as open-minded as possible. However, I’ve been dreading Inside Out 2 for a while now. It’s no secret that Pixar (or, more accurately, their Disney overlords) have officially sold their souls to the devil to focus on sequels and franchises. Before that ...

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Pixar Seeks to Restore Reputation Through Sequels

Bloomberg UK ran an interesting piece yesterday about Pixar, their president, Jim Morris, and his strategy to regain the studio’s prestige. I recommend the whole piece for the interviews and even the header image. This image by artist Sean Dong shows various icons of Pixar’s past as well-loved t...

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REVIEW: IF (2024)

When I first started seeing posters and trailers for IF, I thought it looked atrocious. The animated characters looked cheesy and poorly integrated with the live-action characters and backgrounds. But worse than that, it seemed thoroughly unoriginal; all I could think of was Monsters, Inc. crossed ...

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Why Wish Doesn’t Work: Animation

Disney has been at the cutting edge of animation technology since its inception, and when it’s not, it just purchases whoever is. Even if a Disney animated movie doesn’t have a strong story or characters, you can almost always expect a visual treat. I was very interested in Wish‘s�...

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REVIEW: Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (2023)

I didn’t know about Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken until the trailers started flowing. However, I was immediately encouraged by the colorful designs and unique concepts. I also like Lana Condor and Toni Collette, and DreamWorks had a fantastic year in 2022. In short, I was firmly on board to g...

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REVIEW: Elemental (2023)

I haven’t been excited for Pixar’s Elemental. I’m a lifelong Pixar fan, and for years, their releases were an anticipated highlight of every year. I always saw whatever Pixar was putting out for my birthday, as they tended to come out in June. However, I knew immediately that Elem...

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