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REVIEW: Star Wars Visions Volume 2 (2023)

May the fourth brought the release of two new animated Star Wars projects in Visions Volume 2 and Young Jedi Adventures. I have no interest in the latter personally, but I really enjoyed some episodes of Visions Volume 1. Serving as a sampler for different Japanese studios and styles of anime, ...

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Elemental Pay-Off Trailer Sizzles

Today, Disney/Pixar released another trailer for Elemental. This clip shows more of the main character’s day-to-day life and interactions between Ember and Wade. Check it out here: Several character posters have also been released: It’s hard to put my finger on it, but something about t...

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Star Wars Visions Volume 2 Release Date Revealed

Today, Star Wars took to social media to announce the official release date for Visions Volume 2. Volume 1 was an anthology comprised of nine short films from various renowned Japanese animation studios. Volume 2 is taking this concept a step further, going global with studios from around the worl...

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REVIEW: The Owl House – Season 3, Episode 2, “For the Future”

I’ll always be mad at Disney for cutting The Owl House short, whether it was planned for more seasons or just a full, 20-episode season 3. At this point, it’s up to the creators to satisfy fan expectations in less than two hours, tying up plotlines involving two villains and several he...

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REVIEW: Doom Patrol Season 4, Episode 2, “Butt Patrol”

Season 4 is off to a good start with the aptly titled “Doom Patrol,” but can it maintain the momentum? Let’s have a look at the second half of the season premiere.  *SPOILERS* “Butt Patrol” opens with a flashback to 2016, when a man is savagely taken down by the butts ...

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REVIEW: Strange World (2022)

This week saw the release of Disney’s Strange World, their latest animated adventure. There hasn’t been much marketing for this film, and most of the press surrounding it has concerned the gay character. I found the first trailer for Strange World by accident and was surprised to disc...

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