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Shawn Levy in Talks to Direct a Star Wars Movie

Yet another name may shortly be attached to Star Wars, as Deadline reports Shawn Levy is in talks to direct a film in the franchise. If the parties can reach a deal, Levy will helm a Lucasfilm project after Deadpool 3 and Stranger Things season 5.  I don’t know much about Levy and have not...

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Did Amazon Lie About the Rings of Power Viewership?

The general public has long been forced to rely almost solely on the honesty of streaming services to accurately release their viewing figures, though those figures are usually withheld unless some large number is achieved. Only by consolidating and comparing several third-party reports can we get a...

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Skeleton Crew Budget Higher than Mandalorian, Receives California Filming Credit

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming Star Wars series Skeleton Crew has a budget of nearly $136 million, substantially more than season 1 of The Mandalorian ($100 million). They also report that the show is among productions chosen by the state of California to receive tax credits, e...

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Star Wars News Round-Up

Over the past week, several Star Wars developments have hit the news. A fan named Kai Patterson edited the 4.5-hour Obi-Wan Kenobi series into a 2.5-hour feature film in an attempt to rectify pacing issues. Meanwhile, Jon Watts’ Star Wars series Skeleton Crew has reportedly begun filming. Fina...

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An Interview with Actress Amanda Celine Miller

Lethal Lightning and I sat down with actress Amanda Celine Miller! Blabbering Collector: How did you hear about Geeks + Gamers? Amanda: I actually found out about Geeks + Gamers through my friend Gothix, who was on Friday Night Tights. YouTube recommended it to me, and I was like, “Who are the...

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REVIEW: The Boys – Season 3, Episode 5, “The Last Time to Look On This World of Lies”

***SPOILERS*** “The Last Time to Look On This World of Lies” finds Frenchie praying over Kimiko while MM watches a video of tests being run on Soldierboy. Ashley is chosen as the new CEO of Vought. Hughie tells Annie about Soldierboy and the temporary V and promises he won’t take i...

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