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Sunday: Chin-Quee Chats hosted by Mathieu Chin-Quee

In this bite-sized podcast, Mathieu breaks down everything you need to know about topics ranging from movies to sports to television. Occasionally joined by guests, this GPRN weekend show is always entertaining as our host’s quirky sense of humor combines with his vast knowledge of fandoms and all things geek. Mathieu Chin-Quee is Senior Editor at SHIFTER On Films and a moderator in the Facebook community, Movie Talk by Movie Fans. He is also a contributing writer to Schmoes Know and Geeks + Gamers. Find Mathieu on Twitter @mchinquee96.

 Monday: Vital Vibrations hosted by Dan Purcell

 GPRN’s biweekly music podcast covers a wide swath of genres and features guests from across the musical spectrum. Featuring deep dives into new releases, indepth dialogues concerning the music industry and production, and quick reviews of singles, albums, and EPs. Vital Vibrations encompasses everything you need to know about the world of music. Dan Purcell is an active participator in the acapella community and the voice behind a number of collaborations with producers like Knapsack and David Mason. Find Dan on Twitter @TheDPurcell.

Beyond the Grave hosted by DeVaughn Taylor

GPRN’s biweekly horror show is a mixture of reviews, commentary, and drama from the inventive, crazy mind of Deezus. Every other week, Beyond the Grave will escort listeners down a winding path of stories and insights into the horror genre from one of film criticism’s up-and-coming stars. Host of Deezus Take the Reel, Taylor’s podcast has featured guests ranging from Alicia Malone of Fandango to Collider Video producer, John Rocha. Find DeVaughn on Twitter @Deezus12.

Tuesday: GeekPulse Radio: News hosted by Chris Kubiak and featuring Chris Clow and Jonathan Youngblood

This is the show that started it all, launching everything in May of 2017. This show, hosted by the two creative heads of Geeks + Gamers, Kubiak and Youngblood, and and Huffington Post contributor, Chris Clow, serves as the flagship project of the GPRN, covering the latest in movie, comics, and television news. Edited by the creative genius of Manning Franks, this show is the perfect blend of entertainment and information. Find Chris Kubiak on Twitter @darthbiebs, Chris Clow @ChrisClow, and Jonathan Youngblood @Youngblood_95.

Wednesday: GeekPulse Radio: Gaming hosted by Rey Osorio and featuring Aaron Morris and Ray Williams

Every Wednesday, the GPR: Gaming crew, led by Rey Osorio of NERD Overdrive, tackle everything relevant in news and releases. The witty repartee between hosts and the wealth of knowledge contained within the minds of Osorio, Morris, and Williams make this your one-stop shop for all things gaming. The editing prowess of Heather Frankel guides the production of this weekly show. Find Rey Osorio on Twitter @elreyny617, Aaron Morris @rolltide9317, and Ray Williams @RayApollo.

Thursday: GeekPulse Radio: Community hosted by Jonathan Youngblood and the hosts of the GeekPulse Radio Network

Once a week, GeekPulse Radio assembles a team of hosts to answer your questions. Led by Jonathan Youngblood, Producer of the GPRN, each week questions ranging from gaming to cinema to music to sports all pour in and are fielded by the best and brightest in the GeekPulse Radio community. Edited by Manning Franks, this weekly endeavor is as diverse as it is insane. Tweet your questions at GeekPulse Radio @GeekPulseRadio, at Jonathan Youngblood @Youngblood_95, or at Manning Franks @Like_Peyton on Twitter.

Friday: Sports Wars hosted by Bryson Viquelia and featuring Jeremy Griggs, Pat Brumfield, and David LaRock

To close out each week of programming on the GPRN, Sports Wars dives into that season’s biggest sports, covering everything from the NFL to the NBA. Featuring a rotating panel of hosts and spearheaded by Viquelia and Griggs, CEO of Geeks + Gamers, this group of experts and fans speculates on and wrestles with the topics of the week, giving their insights into the winners and the losers to come. Find Bryson Viquelia on Twitter @nickalani and Jeremy Griggs @DDayCobra.

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