Best Streaming Service?

Which streaming service do you currently use? Which do you prefer best?


I have been currently watching a lot of Netflix & Disney Plus lately. In my opinion Netflix my current #1 with Disney coming in at a close 2nd. I have not really used Amazon Prime video to give it a fair shake.


I’d love to get you alls thoughts.

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June 23, 2020 at 1:22 pm

I’ve subscribed to Amazon Prime for maybe a decade now, which includes Prime Video. This is the only reason I have Prime Video. I probably wouldn’t subscribe for Prime Video alone.

The “Prime-eligible” (included in the subscription, costs nothing extra) title selection is poor in comparison to Netflix, which I had for a few months. I have however found that for the few Prime Video titles I do watch occasionally, the streaming quality is reliable good and consistent — and sometimes even in 4K UHD.

Finding something good (something relatively new that I want to watch) in their library that is Prime-Eligible doesn’t happen often. More often, I spend “Prime Credits” to rent their newer non-eligible titles that have been reduced to $3.99. I earn Prime Credits from the primary function of the Prime Subscription — shipping options. Sometimes a member can opt for a slower shipping option in return for a Prime Credit. This is how I get more value out of Prime Video, essentially for free (without paying extra).

I do consider Prime Membership a necessity; sometimes we have needed something withing a day or two that we could not have gotten locally or quicker from anywhere else. When I started subscribing to Prime Membership, it did not include Prime Video; Prime Video was added later at no extra cost (although gradually the Membership price has increased a little over the past decade). So I consider Prime Video a fringe benefit, especially since I never actually pay money to rent the newer releases I stream from it.

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