Blender Artwork


They’re awesome. They’re among the some of the greatest weapons in movie history.
In one of my recent endeavors, I started tinkering in Blender, a CG program, and trying to create an effective lightsaber model using Cycles rendering (there’s a rendering option that is faster and realtime, but, relies on a GPU. Mine is incredibly weak.) After a bit of work and tinkering with compositing, I created a lightsaber model that works. Except, well… i couldn’t animate it activating, because I didn’t know how.
Until today, at least, when I stumbled upon a modifier that I never knew existed. Which opens a lot of doors for me as well.
Recently I created a logo for a friend of mine utilizing that saber model I created and it came out pretty well.  So, now, for testing purposes, I’m working on animating that logo as well, testing out  few things including the saber activation, lighting changes over animation, and transparency effects through animations. It’s currently in the middle of rendering, and will be low quality for expediency. If it works (i’m certain it will) I will end up re-rendering it at higher quality. It will be hell on my PC, but, it will be worth it.

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