Geeks and Gamers – You sly dogs!

Firstly, well done on getting me to part with money, I’ve never been the same since that Nigerian Uncle I (never knew) had, died and left me Botswana ….. only to be told I needed to give them my bank account details as a formality (that’s £2000 I’ll never see again). All joking side, I don’t usually shell out for any site but do you know what pushed me to do it? The twatter banning of Jeremy and the really insidious stuff pulled by that hermaphrodite panda sloth Cuckman (seriously, imagine Sid from Ice Age, with a sausage and vadge and panda ears!!). Cuckman, so yeah fuck them, I’ll help support actual free conversion/ideas.

Heads up though, I talk as I would in real life and it has, many many times, gotten me into much much trouble, especially online. It’s why I chose the name accidental_chaos because a mate said to me “man, you are a fucking agent of chaos” when I really really wasn’t trying to be.

Oh yeah, I love forums and they’ve been dead for years, hopefully this place will buck the trend.

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