Geeks/Gamers; Fandom Menace; State of the Union Assessment: 7-21-20

As the days and weeks go by, I check out the various alternatives… minds… gab… geeks +, bitchute… it’s not all that different from 10 to 15 years ago or longer when yahoo groups disappeared or other forums disappeared… anybody remember giantrobot forums? Anyways, this time it is a little different, that we have a political faction in America doing real damage around the country, and it’s hard to say what will happen.

At this point, you might as well consider yourself a dissident, a rebel, a renegade. Not everything’s the same everywhere, but there’s a lot being pushed on everybody and it’s reaching everyone’s simple little lives.

The fry cook is effected. The paperboy. The grocery store bagger. Everybody.

This Pre-1984 setup is disconcerting, and depressing, but it’s becoming clear here what somebody out there is doing. Their herding people into something, that we know.

Which is why we look to the ancestors, whether they be real or fictional. Whether they be made-up superheroes or real ones, and why they’re tearing down their statues, their franchises, their everything…

But can they really tear them down? Can they really destroy something that is kind of immortal so long as we remember them?

We all know that we’re all going to get cancelled at some point, so isn’t it ironic that there’s this other thing out there that people fear to get, that could also get them… the thing is, once there are so many of us cancelled, there will be no power in cancelling. What are you going to do? Cancel me? What else is new.


The thing is, even though the cancelled have fallen, there should hopefully be plenty of us to AVENGE them. I say AVENGE them all.

There’s a ROBOCOP statue in Detroit, and the day they rip that down will probably be the day we actually live in that world, but alas, the human spirit, which is what they really wish they could cancel, still lives.  ROBOCOP is our Spartacus. And there’s no crushing him. A shitty transhumanazi remake of it in 2014 didn’t do it, the reply came from the fans: They made their own “REMAKE” their own way for fun, and it will be watched more than theirs… forever.


They want to remake and reboot and cancel and de-person? Well, there’s this thing that’s been around a long time… it’s called a “cover.”  The idea once was that people would replay music, just like people would re-enact plays over and over again. Sure, there’s been bad covers and bad versions of plays, but they continued. And will continue. And the more they try to cancel, and even involve violence into their cancelling, it means they’ve already lost. They’re scrambling for power. They’re being revealed for what they are, and those of us who still can inspire, we’re being revealed for what we are.



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