Looking for an Anime to watch during Quarantine try Yu Yu Hakusho.

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Yu-Yu Hakusho is one of my top anime of all time and one of the main reasons is the story which was written and illustrated by the wonderful Yoshiro Togashi. If you are younger than me you can recognize Togashi’s work from Hunter X Hunter but we are not here for that are we? The answer is no we are gather here to talk about the coolest anime ever and I mean it.

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The story follows a teenage boy called Yusuke Urameshi which is the protagonist and in my opinion the coolest character in anime History aside from Spike(Cowboy Bebop) and I don’t mean power level don’t come at me know. I mean just a pure aura of coolness and I mean that in a realistic type of cool you know chewing gum in class smoking a red Malboro behind the bleachers type of cool yeahhh….that is the type of era this anime represents 80s/90s (coolest era) IMO. He becomes a spirit detective solving cases related to demon, humans and others as his journey progresses he meets a well rounded cast of characters that make connections and help him progress trough the story no characters are left out here all of them have their stories and paths and they all intertwine together by the end. He can also shoot spirit bullets trough his fingers (wuttt) amongst other abilities he acquires trough training.

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Ok ok all funny jokes aside the reason why I love the anime and hold it as one of my favorites of all times is how I first was introduced to it which was dubbed (I know I know give it time) so for bad a$$ Yusuke Urameshi you have the amazing Justin Cook and for my other all time favorite Cowboy Bebop is the incomparable Steve Blum as the magnificent Spike Spiegel but we are here to talk about Yu Yu Hakusho Yusuke/Cook.

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Justin Cook in my opinion is the embodiment of Yusuke he brings him to life. The quirks the smart remarks the jokes ohh my the jokes you have to see it to experience it. Honestly it made me laugh back then when I first laid my eyes on this as a high schooler and fast forward to present time quarantine/stay in you house bored  times as well. And that is hard to accomplish since times and references change but man its spot on.

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Dubbed vs Original Japanese (you see I came back to explain) I’ve seen them both and I love them both some things change from the original adaptation but not plot wise or anything like that but the references and jokes do change and honestly for the better and this is done to draw the audience over here on the states. Now that doesn’t mean is not good on the contrary is exceptionally well acted as well and if it was the first version I had seen would have like it the same except for some of the jokes which would have landed more in Japan (IMO). Aside from that the story is practically as it should be.

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I know you are probably wondering why did I revisited this cool as ice anime after all this time well I found myself in a post apocalyptic quarantine era bored in my couch with something called Hulu open and what do you think I see in my recommendations I give you a minute …….. You guessed it Yu Yu Mothereffing Hakusho. I decided to click on it just so that I could be in shock (wait why in shock) 112 episodes that’s why lol.

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I was like ohh man I like it but 112 that’s a lot but I was bored so I started episode 1 at that time my son came out of his room because he couldn’t sleep made him a snack mind you is like 10 pm the opening comes out instantly my son likes it at this point I’m like, hey you like this I use to watch this when I was kid too as he replies yeah. Anime bonding time the first episode ends I’m like ok time to sleep he says one more episode I wanna see what happens to Yusuke (watch it to understand) ok let’s keep going only a few more I say. 3AM hits both me and my son are  having full conversation about the story and why things are happening and you guessed it over the spawn of a week and some days we saw 112 episodes and the 2018 Yu Yu Hakusho Ova. I couldn’t believe when that 112th episode ended  I told my son I can’t believe we just saw 112 episodes he said I know.

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In short I have to be honest I’m a fan of hand drawn anime (classics what kids now on day would call it) it just seem better for me that’s why I love things like Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Slam Dunk, Akira and Devilman the OVAs 3 of them and so on. I think me watching this after all this time and watching it through the eyes of me being a father(when you see ep1 you’ll understand) now have changed it for me I felt I understood the jokes better and had much more love for my boy Yusuke at the very beginning what other anime get you involve with the main character from the very beginning not many do it as well if any IMO this  anime has it all it can make you weep it can make you smile it is a well rounded anime that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. That is why Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the best anime of all time IMO and I strongly recommended to anybody stuck at home and wants to go for a fantastic ride full of adventure, action and comedy.

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July 2, 2020 at 11:13 am

I love handrawn anime as well I remember Dirty Pair classic one of my favorites and Kurama in YU Yu was the best specially when he acquired his true fox form.

July 2, 2020 at 11:38 am

Now I need to go watch this very interesting read

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