Confessions of a convert

For the longest time I was a fanatical Android user/apologist. I could not stand Apple products and I would good naturedly poke fun at their customer base. Over time however, I became increasingly frustrated with Google’s business practices and use of data mining. Around the time time my disillusion with Google had begun,  I had uncharacteristically purchased an iPad for my wife. 

One of my wife’s hobbies is decorating cookies and she had been using a Nexus tablet in conjunction with a small projector to make the process easier. Unfortunately, the nexus was on it’s last legs and it was obvious I was going to have to replace it.

I fervently looked for an android tablet that was both affordable and reliable, but to my dismay this proved to be nearly impossible. My wife then brought my attention to a Pre-Pre-Black Friday sale at our local Sam’s club.

My available options were: an Android tablet which was slower than the dying Nexus, and an assortment of iPads. I flat out told my wife “No, not in a million years”. I resumed my search for Android tablets and after thirty minutes I surrendered in frustration and bought an iPad the next day. Needless to say I hung my head in shame for a few days.

When the news spread and my family heard of my treason, I explained that the options for Android were severely limited and at least with Apple I knew what we were getting and there would be support for our iPad for a number of years. A few of my family members were already worshipping in there temple of Apple and mercifully they didn’t needle me further.

In the days that followed, I began to take note of the selling points of Apple devices most notably the OS is much smoother and reliable. My wife also noticed this and asked “are we going to get iPhones now?”. I dug my heels in and defiantly swore “this is where we draw the line.”

Fast forward about six weeks and my frustrations with Android were getting harder to ignore. My beautiful LG G6 had been experiencing major issues due to the bus in the latest Android update for that phone. I searched online as to when they would have a fix for these bugs, and the answer was TBD which did nothing but frustrate my further. In addition to my technical grievances, I was no longer able to able to overlook the fact that Google was mining my data and openly profiting from it. It was then that I began to ponder switching to the other side….

I was aware that Apple focused more on privacy but I wanted to see for myself. I began to keep a log of how often I noticed ads that eerily coincided with recent searches. In order to keep it fair I did the same searches and used the same apps on both my Android and the iPad. I reluctantly admitted that the Apple had substantially less targeted ads than my Android did.

At first I did not tell anyone that I was beginning to consider switching to Apple as I did not want a large chunk of the world’s population to point and laugh at me. After reading and rereading about Apple vs Android, I told my wife that I was considering switching to Apple. My wife was considerate enough to simply shrug and say “it’s up to you, I trust your judgement…. I would like to go ahead and get an iPhone so I have evening thing on the same OS.”

As a general rule I will research things to death before I make a decision. I will read, reread, and then read some more whenever I’m considering a purchase” After I had reached the point where I knew all there was to know, I took the next and most frightening step…. I told my father what I had been considering.

My father and I the only Android users remaining in the family and we were proud of our defiance. My mother also used an Android but so long as the phone was easy to use, she couldn’t care less what OS she had. I hesitantly told my father what I was likely going to do in the coming weeks and naturally he seemed disappointed. My sister-in-law laughed at the top of her lungs not out of ridicule but more out of complete surprise at the announcement. I further explained my reasoning and he softened somewhat as he understood and appreciated the desire for consumer privacy.

A few weeks later I pulled the pin and my wife and I switched to iPhone. As I got to know my new phone there were features that I loved and other not so much. There are still things that I miss about Android but when I look at the big picture, I do not regret my defection to iOS.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to find a secondhand MacBook online that was in mint condition with a selling price too good to pass up. In the time since then, I have learned most of the ins and outs of Mac OS and I am glad I bought it.

While it could be said that I have done a 180 degree turn on Apple, there are still areas where I will not budge. For example, I have no desire to put an Apple logo on my car window and I still think Air Pods are the most ridiculous idea ever.

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