So I watched The Dragon Prince this weekend… And it was pretty good

During this point in time, where we’re all stuck at home most of the time and can’t go out that much, the only thing we as nerds can turn to is either A) The Internet. Or B) TV Show, Movies and Games. And sometimes I wanna watch a something new that I haven’t seen before but ended up watching a show you’d never thought you would put the time into watching, this was me with Dragon Prince. I had no interest in watching, and no plans too, until I saw a video by ClownFish TV.


Now quick side track here, bare with me this is relevant to the topic, if you were a 2000s kid like myself, you might’ve watched a little cartoon called: Avatar The Last Airbender. You watched it, I’ve watched it, everyone and their mother watched it, it’s the greatess show of all time, it’s Nickelodeon’s golden goose, and when heard that The Legend Of Kora was coming out and being made by the same writers, I was hyped beyond anything, I mean come on a sequel to one of my favorite shows growing up, hell yeah I’m on board, and once it came out I was… Disappointed. If you look it up on YT from other content creators they have teared it to shreds, but to me it’s a lot like Dragonball GT in a way, It has its moments but its not as good as the original was.


Now I know what some of you might be thinking “Why the hell am I talking about two different shows” While I was watching a video made by ClownFish, they were looking at a CBR article comparing Dragon Prince with Kora, and if my memory severs me right, Geeky said something along the lines of “Dragon Prince is the spiritual successor to Avatar” and I was sitting there like “…… Huh?” like it caught me off guard cuz here’s the thing, show many shows in the 2010s tried so hard to be like Avatar, the Netflix Voltron Reboot, classic example of this, it started out strong and the took a nose dive during its last seasons. So while I had nothing to do or watched I said “Screw it Im’ma watch this and see what all the fuss is about” And much to my surprise, It was actually really good.


Now I’m not gonna go and spoil the story and plot, cuz I’m not a dick like that, I’m only gonna talk about the animation because HOLY CRAP. This show looks beautiful. I’m not gonna go In-Depth about all the frame rates and shit cuz I know nothing about all that stuff and I’m some on YT has explain it better then I ever could, but to some it up is as if ArcSystemWorks (The same game devs that made fighting games like Guilty Gear and DragonBallFighterZ) made they’er own show. So if you like the animations in they’er games, your gonna love this show.


Like I said before I’m gonna spoil the show for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, I feel like it’s that type of show you have to see for yourself. The writing is good, characters are well written, and the plot is straight to the point with no Social Justice Bullshit. (Aside from a few homosexual characters, but they don’t affect the story that much and the show doesn’t slap you in the face to remind you that these characters are gay every 5 seconds, which honestly feels weird because this show was made by Netflix) Now there are 3 seasons as of me typing this out now, there are 9 episodes of each season so that makes up 27 episodes. If you don’t have anything your watching right now, and are looking for a good show that’s easy too bing in a day or two, give this show a shot, trust me it’s worth your time.



Give it a watch

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