The Mess

Star Wars is a mess right now.  I honestly don’t see any way to fix it. It could be done, however I feel the people in charge won’t do what needs to be done to get Star Wars back on the right track.  Last weekend I saw the end of the second season of The Mandalorian.  I loved it! Seeing Boba Fett again, the Dark Sabre, and of course the return of my favourite character, Luke Skywalker in his prime. I had waited years for this. Of course, defenders of the sequel trilogy are mad because the fans got what they wanted and were happy.  Apparently being happy as an adult is immature.

This leads to the next problem. The sequel trilogy itself. A lot of people have said, “All roads lead to the sequel trilogy.”  If this is true then everything is pointless. The movies were terrible and clearly had no plan.  So we get some good Star Wars for it to ultimately end with the sequel trilogy train wreck. Fans of the sequel trilogy comfort themselves with this thought.  People that hate the sequel trilogy are saddened or angered by it.  If The Mandalorian was the beginning of taking a new direction ignoring the sequel trilogy it would go a long way to cleaning up the mess. However I don’t think Kathleen Kennedy will allow this.  If Disney wants to make money off of this property they should.


Today I read on the Geeks and Gamers Facebook page a post from a troll talking about how Luke’s appearance and behaviour doesn’t contradict his behaviour in The Last Jedi. Of course he was just saying this to get under peoples skin and I’m sure its his opinion. It’s this post that inspired me to write this, my first blog.  So why do I think that Disney should ignore the sequel trilogy in favour of these new stories and going in a different direction?  The most important thing is the sequel trilogy goes nowhere. No new threat to deal with. No Sith Lords, no Empire, no new alien threat. The First Order defeated easily, Snoke dead, the Emperor dead.  Who would they fight? No Jedi order.  As far as anyone knows the only Force user left is Rey.  They wrote these characters so poorly that no one cares what happens to them next.  Do you care if Rey starts a new Jedi order? Probably not, because she isn’t very likeable. Is Poe going back to his criminal past? Who cares?  What will Finn do now?  Who cares? Is Rose just going to become some random engineer? Who cares?  No one cares. And that’s the point. Even if they did, the movies were so bad and this was such a bad experience for the actors involved that none of them want to come back a reprise their roles.  So where do you take this story?  You have characters no one cares to see, has curiosity in or wants merchandise of, no threat for them to fight, no mystery to solve and no love earned. Plus no actors to come back and play them even if you wanted to keep going.  There are no books with these characters planned, no video games, the comic books cancelled.  But you put Luke Skywalker at the end of The Mandalorian and most people are ecstatic!


I want The Mandalorian to be a new start to the story post Return of the Jedi.  I want the legacy characters to have normal lives after everything they fought for.  There should be a passing of the torch to new characters that we can fall in love with.  And given enough time and care it can be done.  There are plenty of examples of this in the EU and the animated shows. For example, Mara Jade Skywalker and Asoka Tano.  Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll take this opportunity.  I think Kathleen Kennedy wants this sequel trilogy to be her legacy regardless of whether it succeeds or fails.  And right now it is failing.  I want to be wrong about that.  I want them to take advantage of the good will Jon Favreu and Dave Filoni just garnered and take this somewhere other than The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and the Rise of Skywalker. I guess seeing Luke did what Luke was created to do.  Inspire hope.

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