This theme of this post is obviously about Christmas, and I won’t shy away from that. For any of my brothers and sisters from Geeks and Gamers who do not celebrate Christmas, that’s entirely your affair, but I would argue that the main idea behind this post should apply to all.

You may have previously read my blog post about the holidays, but in case you did not, I am a fanatic when it comes to the holidays from October to December. I get a spring in my step when fall begins and pumpkins are in stores, but most of all I love Christmas time. I inherited this from my mother, and I am passing it onto my sons.

Everyone knows this year has been far from ideal, so I won’t endlessly harp on that. One could easily gripe about all that has happened this year, but instead I would like to offer up a challenge.

Christmas this year may seem like a mixed bag to a lot of people and I have been guilty of this as well, but about a week ago I decided that it didn’t have to be this way. I had been listening to a song where the artist described how he felt like he was ten years old with the arrival of Christmas morning and all the joys associated with family around the Christmas tree.

While I have definitely felt the elation of the Christmas season this year, I also felt despondent as if some something was missing. I decided that despite all that I was going to enjoy Christmas and do my best to reflect the spirit of Christmas.

As a Christian I know that the foundation of Christmas is the birth of Jesus. In addition to my faith, I have always relished the time with family around the Christmas tree and coming together for Christmas dinner. I won’t have all of my family in one place this year and some things may be different, but despite this I am going to choose joy and count my blessings.

I don’t know what your circumstances may be, but I would challenge you to choose joy this Christmas. For those who do not celebrate Christmas, I would challenge you to celebrate friends, family, and the blessings in your life as this year comes to a close.


Merry Christmas.

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December 24, 2020 at 4:27 pm

Yup, like that song says, christmas maked me feel like a kid again too :3

Every Christmas i remember has been complete chaos, so 2020 + Christmas is nothing for me
Nontheless, i always made it a point to enjoy every second of it
I just finished watching Gremlins, again, it must be like the 15th Christmas i watch it, it’s simple things like watching my favorite christmas movie that bring me joy during the festive season, and of course, the endless amount of food i’m gonna stuff myself with tomorrow ;P

Merry Christmas :D

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