Even though it’s been a few weeks since Disney revealed the future of the MCU, I thought I would take the time to share my thoughts. Since there is so much to cover, I’ll hold off on the big picture perspective till the end.     


I have intentionally avoided trailers, updates, and rumors as much as possible since it is likely I will watch this one. I would prefer to have an unbiased perspective so I will be able to fully enjoy it. I will say this, anyone who has seen even simple photos knows that this will be a rather unusual series and I think most would agree that the series will likely be amazing.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This series is complicated. I like the cast and think there is a real opportunity for the characters to further develop. That said while this series has potential, it has a number of things going against it. The passing of the shield to Falcon was an SJW move and doesn’t bode well for this series or the mantle of Captain America. Despite this controversial move, I did not see Falcon use the shield once which suggests that no one is using the shield in the series and makes the scene in Endgame all the more pointless.

The series itself seems to want to fit into more than one genre including spy thriller and buddy cop. There’s no reason a series can’t fit into multiple genres, but I suspect that this series is going to suffer because of it. While I didn’t see any hint of identity politics in the trailer, the means by which we got here almost guarantees that the series will want to cater to SJWs but hopefully I’m wrong.


The trailer for Loki was difficult to get a read on. While we are all glad to see the return of Tom Hiddleston, there’s no telling what to expect from this series. I sincerely hope that this series draws upon what made Loki such a loveable character and not the “new and improved MCU”.

Nick Fury (Secret Invasion)

I have heard it said that Nick Fury is a supporting character, and a standalone story wouldn’t work. While I agree that Fury is essentially a supporting character, I think that with the right screenwriter, director, ect. it could make for an interesting story. The obvious question is, why are we just now seeing this? Much like Black Widow, this should have been introduced much sooner in the MCU, but I’ll come back around to that later.

What if…

When I first heard about this series, I was intrigued as it could offer some interesting storylines. What if Quicksilver never died, what if the accords never happened, ect. Even though the examples above would essentially be moot, they would make for some extraordinary plotlines. Unfortunately (predictably), the MCU took a great opportunity and used it for virtue signaling.

While they showcased Peggy as Captain America/Britain and a child from Africa (Wakanda?) as Star-Lord, they seemed to have left a number of characters as is. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Disney is doing just enough to virtue signal yet try to ensure a nice profit.

Something to think about, they took the most Pro-American character and did a gender/country swap. In the case of Star-Lord, Chris Pratt is an outspoken Christian / conservative and I have to wonder if this had was a factor in Star-Lord being singled out for a change. I may be reading too much into this, but I found it curious.   

Ms. Marvel

I didn’t bother watching the trailer as I pretty much knew what to expect as did everyone. What I did find curious is that Iman Vellani is a virtual unknown as this seems to be her first role in tv/movies. I was also unable to find a Twitter/Instagram page for her which is a rarity these days, so that makes her all the more of an enigma.

Despite her obscurity, it’s obvious why she was chosen for the role. She’s a woman, Muslim, and an immigrant and that’s practically a bingo on the SJW card. While the reasons for her selection are political, I will not pass judgement on her as an actress/person since I know nothing about her. Despite her role in the MCU if she’s a good actress and isn’t hostile to the fans, I wish her well… even though I will have nothing to do with this series.  


Ah virtue signaling at its finest. Let’s take arguably the most popular character in the MCU and gender/race swap the successor. Dominique Thorne, much like Iman Vellani, is virtually unknown and has no presence on social media but it’s obvious why she was cast. I won’t pass judgement on her as an actress, but I want nothing to do with this series either.


The introduction of She-Hulk into the MCU is a mixed bag. While it’s good to see a Hulk standalone free of complications (Universal Studios), it is practically a given that the series will rate a 9.8 on the woke scale. Aside from the current climate of the MCU, the actress herself provides insight into what to expect. I had never heard of Tatiana Malany, but one look at her Twitter page says it all. She has BLM plastered all over her page along with the usual propaganda one typically sees from an SJW and I think I can safely say this series should be avoided.

Armor Wars

I like Don Cheadle as an actor, but I’m not sure Rodey can hold a series on his own. This is an obvious attempt to cash in on the appeal of Iron Man without having to include Robert Downey Jr. It may prove to be interesting but I’m not optimistic about this series.

Thor: Love & Thunder

Ever since they announced the storyline for this movie, Disney has been in damage control mode. In the time since they announced the plot of the movie (patted themselves on the back for being so stunning and brave), they have announced that the Guardians are making an appearance and Bale (Batman) is in the film. That’s screams “hey, we hope you’ll forget about the identity politics, look who’s in the film…. Please see this movie”.

Guardians of the Galaxy “Holiday Special”

Emulating Star Wars? I love Guardians, but this is an obvious cash grab and reeks of potential wokeness.

I am Groot

While I don’t see the harm in this series, I seriously doubt this is going to draw in the viewers that Disney is hoping for.

Fantastic Four

This film has a lot to prove as its predecessors were horrendous. While essentially nothing is known about this film, I would argue that with Jon Watts signing on as director, this film has some potential.

Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania

I LOVE the Antman films and I am not going to be shy about it, I’m excited for this film even with the bizarre title.


There are other films and shows that were mentioned, but this brings me to my overall view of the state of the MCU. With all that is going on in the world, it makes more financial sense to produce content for Disney Pus (not a typo) rather than rely on cinematic blockbusters as they are no longer a sure thing when it comes to revenue.

In light of this, it is painfully clear that Disney is throwing spaghetti on the wall and waiting to see what sticks. I was skeptical of concept of superhero fatigue, but with the approach of quantity over quality the MCU is almost guaranteed to suffer for it.

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