Why Are You Not Tired of Being Abused on Social Media?

The fear. The terror. Your ‘social media’ wrapped up with your livelihood. Monetary sources tied

too closely to your ‘social media.’  Why the hell do you still use facebook and twitter? Why? Why?

It’s full of assholes. If there was a black hole that sucked in all the psychopaths, these are definitely

it. I used MINDS.com for a month or so. So far, not one person insulted me yet. Not one person

try to shame me yet. Nobody told me to shut the fuck up. Same thing with GAB. Strange, maybe

I’m just lucky but, what the fuck? Why would this be? Of course it could happen, and it probably

will at some point, but shit man, Twitter and Facebook and Youtube just attracts evil. So again why

do you still use this shit? Put those fucks out of business, delete your accounts. They spy on you,

they use your info for doxxing, and you’ll be censored and your shit deleted.


It’s abuse. You’re being abused by those systems. You can just walk away. You can.

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September 27, 2020 at 11:56 am

As much as I hate alphabet, I have a YouTube channel over ten years old. It isn’t big. It isn’t for glamour models or for anything more than my interests. I’m also a happy 2A Supporter with the Goliad mindset, “Come and Take It.” I’m still waiting on my first Swatting, lol.

I understand you, OP. I use Parler daily, it works for me. I don’t give a shit about Disney or Star Wars, those names are like the dead relatives from my childhood. Those were good memories, amirite? But it’s all dead to me, now.

Even Dungeons and Dragons is a shit license, now. The act of getting together and sharing good times is fine, but the names and brands of these “woke cunts” aren’t celebrated with my wallet. I’m enjoying smaller channels, smaller games, better companies who want generational customers and treat their fan base with respect.

I bailed on Facebook in 2017 after my second suspension. I have been proudly banned off Twatter and Instagram. I’m happy to declare I want communists pushing daisies. And the smaller social media you use, I can get behind it. I’m not wanting views, I want people who can converse like adults.

Fuck the haters, don’t brake if they’re in the road, either. The mob needs to die, and that’s just one small reason why I’m so disappointed in the lie of COVID-19. Darwin and God disappointed me, too, so it isn’t like a man made thing was really going to knock a homer.


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