Why is The Last Jedi so hated, bad… and GOOD?!

I’m in a let’s say an abusive love/hate relationship with this movie. On one hand it does things that I like, but on the other it breaks every movie and SW rule ever establish. As much as of a shitty person Rian Johnson is, he did have some good ideas that should’ve been continue into the next movie and fleshed out more, but we all know how that turned out in the end.


When I first saw the movie in theaters, I loved it! Hell I thought it was just as good if not better than Empire, but at the time I had my fan goggles on the whole through the film. Fast forward a few months tons upon tons of videos were made about TLJ about how much of a bad film it was, I felt like I was crazy for liking a bad movie, and this is coming from a guy that likes bad movies, for god sakes I think Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a good movie! (And you know what, I don’t have to explain myself) Anyways back on track; So I watch a few critique videos, and then a few more, and a few more, and more, and more, and more, till the point I realized “Yeah, maybe this movie isn’t as good as I thought it was”


And so as these past few years have flied by, and TROS has come and gone, I’m still stuck in this spot trying to collect my final thoughts about this movie and how I feel about it. So I guess here’s what I like about it:

Poe has an arc. I know a lot of people have complained about his character in the movie, but you go and watch TFA he’s not that different. I’m well aware it wasn’t all that good all the way through, but in all honesty it was just one of the better parts of the movie.


I like that Rey was a nobody. People either really loved or hated this twist when they first saw the film, I was one of the folk that thought it was good, because she is the polar opposite to Kylo who comes from a family of legends, while Rey comes from nothing. This is good writing, you can not tell me it isn’t, and JJ went and recon it in TROS.


Now that  all that is out of the way, Here’s what I don’t like about the movie:

Holdo is a piece of trash, Rose tells Finn, A STORMTROOPER that war is bad, WHY THE HELL IS SHE TELLING HIM THIS, HE ALREADY KNOWS! Characters do some of the dumbest stuff to move the plot forward, some hermit named Jake is trying pretend to be Luke Skywalker, Leia turns into Mary Poppins, and the Holdo maneuver, ugh just thinking about makes your brain hurt…


So yeah, that about sums up my feelings about this film

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July 11, 2020 at 6:30 am

I’ve seen the Last Jedi I’ve better storytelling from Anime. I didn’t watch The Last Jedi before I was redpilled. But I watched videos about how The Last Jedi and was trash and I decided to check out it just so I can know what everybody. So I watched it(although I didn’t watch the entire thing), and I know what everybody is up against. The good thing about it is that it influenced me to not watch the Rise of Skywalker and it gave me the right to criticize Lucasfilm, Ruin Wokesoy, KK, and everyone involved with the ruining of Star Wars. The Bad thing about it is everything.

July 11, 2020 at 1:46 pm

Hey, I posted this comment to someone else asking almost the same question as you, but I guess it is OK to repost it here too, simply can’t overdo it spreading the word about how shitty of a movie TLJ is (the only thing I can think of that was cool in TLJ was the lightspeed sacrifice scene);

A whole bunch of reasons for sure, here we go;

* The movie starts off by doing MAMA jokes in space.

* The MAMA jokes also start General Hux’s descent in to becoming a blabbering comedic relief by the end of the movie.

* Nonsensical bombers in space with nonsensical bombs.

* Extremely slow and boring “chase” in space with the First Order waiting for the rebel ships to run out of fuel ?!?!? What the actual fuck ?!?!???? So hyperspacetravel and multiple other ultra high tech stuff exists in this superadvanced universe, but they do not have fusion/fission or better energysources for their spacecraft ? What does the rebel ship engines use for fuel….. diesel ?!? Was fuel ever an issue for anyone in the OT ?

* The completely disgraceful scene where Jake Skywalker tosses the lightsaber over his shoulder.

* Every single decision made with regards to Jake Skywalkers character.

* Remember that awesome and mysterious villain called Snoke, and the fans were speculating where he might come from and who he might be? Well fuck him he just dies in a stupid way.

* Remember how Reys parents were hinted at beeing someone mysterious and possibly significant for things going to happen, and finding them might explain how Rey got so adept with the force? Well fuck them they are nobodys, just forget about them.

* Remember the knights of Ren, they were Kylos crew and they were supposedly powerful and dangerous, a real obstacle to overcome for our heroes ? Well fuck them, they aren’t even gonna be mentioned in this movie.

* Remember the awesome captain Phasma, how it was hinted she was a big deal, even played by famous GoT actress Gwendoline Christie ? Well fuck her, she dies offscreen after a 10 second fight with Finn.

* Remember how it was hinted Finn might be force sensitive, and also that there was romance going on between him and Rey? He is now a bumbling moron with zero relevance.

* Which brings us to Finn and Roses long ass completely pointless mission to Canto Bight which is essentially a rant/preach about bloody obvious things such as gambling bad, weaponstrade bad, animal abuse bad, slavery bad. In the end it has zero impact on the heroes, the plot or anything else for that matter.

* Canto Bight does give us broom-boy though, and with him the theory that absolutely everyone can use the force if they want to, no training or abilities needed.

* The disrespect to Admiral Ackbar and his offscreen death.

* The completely moronic “Leia Poppins scene” where she is blasted into space by a missile hitting the bridge on her ship, she survives the explosion, she survives being unconsciously sucked into space, she survives the vacuum of space and the freezing temperature. She wakes up, force-flies back to her ship and almost immediately falls into a coma.

* This is where the completely pointless Admiral Holdo appears, as perhaps the highest ranking resistance officer apart from Leia she is wearing her evening gown and has purple hair ofcourse.

* Admiral Holdo later sacrifice herself (nobody cares, but the scene itself was awesome I admit). This weaponizes lightspeed, a real shame nobody thought of using ships at lightspeed to destroy both the deathstars earlier, the deathplanet in TFA or even when destroying that dreadnought at the start of the movie. It would have saved countless lives, but nooooo, Holdo invented it after lightspeed tech beeing available for centuries. Also did she really have to sacrifice herself, was there no autopilot on the ship?

* The stupid disgusting green seacowmilk scene.

* The completely out of the blue romance happening between Finn and Rose.

* When you realise the fact that TLJ is just The Empire Strikes Back with the scenes/characters/locations randomly mixed up and changed a little to make it look different. The whole movie is a case of the “Could I copy your homework” meme.

I think I will end it here, there is probably much more but I get frustrated and exhausted by having to rewatch this movie in my head.

Fuck Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy, and may this garbagetier Disney trilogy be erased from history.

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