Protest Planned for Gina Carano’s Vancouver Fan Expo Appearance

If you thought the triggered whack jobs who panicked when Gina Carano was announced as a guest at the Vancouver Fan Expo were going to take her second appearance at the con lying down, you’ve got another thing coming. The modern witch burners are organizing a protest tomorrow, February 19, in front of the Vancouver Convention Centre, where they’re encouraging attendees to “Wear cosplay, make signs, bring pride flags, make noise.” Sure, because why meet some celebrities and talk about sci-fi and comics when you can hold a rainbow sign for three hours and scream about how Darth Vader was actually a transsexual? Here’s an X post with a picture of the flyer for the event:

The comments on that post are awesome. I scrolled for a while and didn’t find anyone supporting this lunacy.  And that makes sense if you look at the post’s ratio; as of this writing, it’s four likes and 185 comments. As loud as they get and as disproportionate as the media coverage always is (says the guy writing an article about it, but when in Rome, point and laugh at what the Romans do), the protest will probably amount to three guys dressed like women dressed like Harley Quinn. There’s something very strange going on now, where countercultures think they’re the mainstream culture, and they’re portrayed that way so much that it gives them a sense of entitlement and an expectation of power by numbers that they simply don’t have. Normal people don’t care that Gina Carano made up fictional pronouns because they think fictional pronouns are weird and silly. They don’t care that Gina Carano resisted demands that she list her pronouns in her then-Twitter bio because they know how crazy that is. And most importantly, they don’t want her banned from an event because normal people like to live and let live. By the way, the principles that allow the Vancouver Fan Expo to book Gina Carano as a guest are the same ones that allow the people who are outraged over it to form this protest – and allow the rest of us to laugh about it.

And you’ll get to laugh as much as you want because Geeks + Gamers’ own Drunk 3PO will be at the protest interviewing the attendees, and he’s going to record it. So, there’s no need for them to worry; their message will get out one way or the other.

Also, you can still buy a ticket to see Gina Carano at the Vancouver Fan Expo tomorrow right here. The protest is probably free, at least monetarily; it’ll only cost you your dignity.

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