Recent News on Games We’ve Seen the G+G Team Play

The last couple of days have had some gaming news related to the games we’ve seen Geeks + Gamers plays coming out on Twitter.

Fortnite put out a thread of tweets that had the word “Chrome” hidden in it, and when fans responded with the keyword, Fortnite replied with one of four different photos they used of four different hands coming out of liquid metal. The Epic Games Twitter account tweeted one of those images, stating, “It consumes everything. #FortniteParadise”

Might these be teasers of skins in next season’s Battle Pass? What will something “consuming everything” mean for the map or gameplay changes next season?

Splatoon put out a recap from the Nintendo Direct and a clarification of the Splatfest info, as well as a tweet about the timing and theme of the Splatfest.

The theme will be, what would you take with you to a deserted island? The timing is Friday, September 23rd, at 5:00 PM PT until Sunday, September 25th, at 5:00 PM PT. They also put out a tweet saying they plan to reduce the number of Tri-color Turf War battles and that they’re continuously working on improving the matchmaking.

Fall Guys released a video about the new season that’s starting September 15th. The name of the season will be Season 2: Satellite Scramble. There will be eight new rounds in the new season.

On August 23rd, Among Us did a small update adding food-themed Cosmicubes and fixing a major complaint by adding change map from the lobby.

And on September 13th, they hinted at a new collaboration coming soon.

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