REVIEW: Ahsoka Season 1, Episode 3, “Time to Fly”

"I don't need Sabine to be a Jedi, I need her to be herself."


In “Time to Fly,” Ahsoka resumes Sabine’s training. Meanwhile, Hera asks Mon Mothma for additional resources. This request is denied as Ahsoka and Sabine drop out of hyperspace and encounter an ambush. They escape Morgan Elsbeth’s blockade but are forced to hide on the planet. 

Once again, I have to offer props to Kevin Kiner. His score absolutely soars in “Time to Fly,” particularly during the dogfight and when they encounter the Purgil. The action also looks excellent in this episode, and the makeup on characters like Ahsoka and Hera is impressive. Speaking of the dogfight when Ahsoka and Sabine encounter Marrok and Shin, I really appreciate how long and hard-fought it feels. They aren’t going easy on Sabine or even Ahsoka, which is a breath of fresh air after characters like Rey and Bo-Katan got everything they wanted with little fuss. By the way, I loved to hate Bo in The Clone Wars and liked her in Rebels and The Mandalorian Season 2. Season 3 of Mando ruined a longstanding character arc, which is a shame. Regardless, thus far, Ahsoka is handling the difficulties of fights and Jedi training much better than a lot of modern Star Wars media. I liked Huoyang’s insistence that Sabine isn’t a suitable Padawan and Ahsoka’s little speech about how Mandalorian knowledge of and skill with weapons won’t carry Sabine alone. Depending on how things play out (these series have been fumbling near the back end,) they’ve solved my issues with Jedi Sabine. If “Time to Fly” is anything to go by, she isn’t a true Jedi and can’t really become one. She already learned swordplay in Rebels from a Jedi Master, so I never had a problem with her holding onto Ezra’s saber. 

Ahsoka Time to Fly

This episode is, yet again, heavy on the fanservice. I’m not complaining, and I think Clone Wars and Rebels fans will gobble this show up. But there has been some concern that Mandalorian fans or newcomers won’t know what’s happening. I think that’s a valid point, as Disney and Lucasfilm ultimately want to make money, right? Incompetence and memes aside, I mean. Mando and Boba Fett (despite its many, many failings) handled this relatively well, introducing characters from the Filoniverse (for lack of a better term) in a way that both delighted long-time fans and told newcomers enough to follow along. I lit up during “Time to Fly” when Mon Mothma asked where Jacen was. Kanan was my absolute favorite Rebels character, and his death was one of the show’s most emotional beats for me. Then they got us again with the mural depicting the happy family of the Ghost, now shattered and going their separate ways. Jacen, Hera and Kanan’s son, represented hope for me. Kanan’s legacy was preserved and would be lovingly cared for in the best hands possible. I was also pleased to see Jacen still has green hair despite a Lego playset leak where his locks were black for some reason. 

Ahsoka Time to Fly

With all that being said, after my excitement died down, it did occur to me that most people won’t know who Jacen is, much less care about his inclusion. Even Hera’s loving gaze and encouragement tell us nothing more than “That’s probably her kid.” I’m really of two minds here. Ahsoka is essentially Rebels season 5, which has been hinted at since its announcement and all but confirmed by Lucasfilm. Rebels fans who have waited five years to learn what happened to Ezra and Thrawn deserve this. I would have preferred it in animation, but we’re getting answers and lots of fun cameos and tie-ins. But could this have been handled in a more welcoming way for non-Rebels enjoyers? Probably. Last time, I also forgot to talk about David Tennant reprising his role of Huoyang from The Clone Wars. There, he helped Jedi younglings construct their lightsabers. Tennant is a lot of fun in this role, and I am happy to see (hear?) him come back. The last thing I’ll say about fanservice in “Time to Fly” is that Kaz’s dad from Resistance is here for some reason. He’s the most difficult senator when Hera implores the council for aid, and you know what? I’m just going to say it; Resistance sucked, and I’m glad Hosnian Prime gets blown up because this guy deserves it. You do a disservice to your system and those you claim to serve, sir. 

Ahsoka Time to Fly

Lots of fans have been wondering who Inquisitor Marrok is. He’s the one hanging around Balon and Shin who never removes his helmet, and until “Time to Fly,” he never had any dialogue. I have to be completely honest here and admit that in the premiere, I didn’t even register his existence, much less consider that he could be Ezra, Starkiller, or even a clone of Anakin. As creative as these ideas are, I doubt all of them. Why would Ezra be working with Dark Siders against his friends? And if he knows where Thrawn is, why doesn’t he do something about it? Ezra was pulled towards the Dark Side, and it was strongly implied that without Kanan’s training and mentorship, Ezra would have fallen. But he didn’t, and even if he had chosen a darker path, really? An Inquisitor? I don’t think so. The unlikelihood of the other theories speak for themselves. 

Ahsoka Time to Fly

I’m sensing a lot of resentment between Morgan and Shin. They fight over who will take down Ahsoka and Sabine, and of course, in last week’s premiere, Shin was hesitant to follow Morgan’s orders. Are the non-Jedi duo just reluctantly working with Morgan until Thrawn is returned? Are they going to betray or possibly kill her? She’s the least cool Nightsister Star Wars has ever shown, and I have to wonder why she was special/tough enough to survive Count Dooku’s attack when none of her sisters did. She doesn’t even look Dathomirian, something else that bothered me last week that I forgot to mention. If there is an eventual showdown or backstab, I’m rooting for Balon and Shin. 

Ahsoka Time to Fly

Overall, “Time to Fly” is my favorite episode yet. It’s fast-paced, action-packed, and a ton of fun for longtime Star Wars animation fans. I still have issues like how Morgan Elsbeth is a Nightsister and how unlike herself Mon Mothma feels here. Rebels or even Andor Mon never would have put up with this nonsense. Ahsoka feels more like it should have been called “Wren” or perhaps “The Quest for Ezra” because the main cast of Rebels feels more central to the narrative at this point. I love Rebels, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting these pay-offs, but Ahsoka is overall the more popular/important character, and I hope she gets enough chances to shine in her own show. 

Ahsoka Season 1, Episode 3, "Time to Fly"

Plot - 8
Acting - 7
Progression - 10
Production Design - 8
Action - 8



"Time to Fly" is the most fun Ahsoka episode yet. It has some issues, but it clears up much of Sabine's situation and I loved seeing little Jacen Syndulla.

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