REVIEW: Her Impact! Issue #0

Her Impact! Is an independent manga by a small team that includes writer Mikel Miles and manga artist Digitkame. Issue 0 introduces us to the story of Sadie Hiroshi, an African-Japanese woman who is the daughter of a famous Japanese boxer from the 1960s. In this introductory issue, we only scratch the surface of who Sadie is and what exactly “her impact” will be moving forward. We learn a bit about Sadie, how she hates her boss and job, and how she deeply cares about her son. Coming in at a full twenty pages, Her Impact! offers a unique and interesting glimpse into Sadie’s life, and though there are a few small things that bugged me a bit, reading issue 0 was an experience that fans of both manga and comics in general will find enjoyable.

The art style of Her Impact! is the first thing that popped out at me upon receiving my copy. Everything from the panels themselves to the front cover and full-color inserts are expertly done. The artists on this team do a wonderful job making the world and characters feel authentic and real, and this only adds to the immersion created within the pages of the book.

One of my only real gripes about Her Impact! lies in the writing. Allow me to add that I don’t think the writing is bad; it just feels a bit clunky at times, especially in dialogue-driven scenes given specific wording choices. This isn’t a consistent problem, though, as the writing is spot on more often than not. For example, there are points when Sadie is having an internal monologue and things tend to be over explained with too many words. Also, some of the lines of dialog said by characters strike me as awkward, as these aren’t examples of how people actually speak, particularly where it concerned Sadie’s 7-year-old son Aiden. Understandably, he’s supposed to be an intelligent boy, but his grammar while texting his mother is a little too on the nose for a child of his age. Granted, this specific aspect could be easily fixed by continuing to remind readers of how smart Aiden is. This problem broke the immersion more than once, but it wasn’t quite enough to make me put the issue down or turn me off from the series as a whole.

Aside from those gripes, the story is actually quite strong. A manga centered around a strong woman of color is a unique approach, and I firmly believe the team is on to something special here. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Sadie’s relationship with Aiden, as well as learning more about how Sadie’s father’s fame may have played a part in her life. Sadie’s story is absolutely enjoyable and, especially given that ending, I’m excited to see where Her Impact! takes Sadie from here.

Download Her Impact! Issue #0 here for free.

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