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REVIEW: The Luminaries – Season 1, Episode 5 “Paradox”

*SPOILERS* “Paradox” starts with a literal bang as Anna’s gunshot somehow hits Emery instead of herself. Meanwhile, it’s more scheming with Lydia as she insists that she and Francis must beat Lauderback. She knows they’ll both go to jail if Lauderback and Crosbie figure out wha...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 7, Episode 2 “The Speed of Thought”

After last week’s episode made me wonder why I keep watching The Flash, “The Speed of Thought” reminded me. This give and take has been going on for the last few seasons, and while it’s frustrating, the good stuff makes it worth sticking out, at least for me. There are still some stumbles, b...

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REVIEW: Over the Hedge (2006)

Over the Hedge is a DreamWorks movie you don’t hear much about. Released in 2006, Over the Hedge is based on a comic strip of the same name written by Michael Fry and illustrated by T. Lewis. The film features an impressive cast with names like Bruce Willis, Steve Carrell,  Wanda Sykes, Willi...

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REVIEW: The Luminaries – Season 1 Episode 4, “The Other Half”

*SPOILERS* “The Other Half” finds Emery in the camp while Anna grabs her bottle of laudanum in preparation for work. That night, Emery pops in at a party to entertain the prospectors, and Anna is present with her coworkers. As chance would have it, Emery is paired off with Anna as the girls are ...

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REVIEW: Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

This Friday, March 5th, Disney released Raya and the Last Dragon to both theaters and Disney+ for a premium fee. The latest Disney animated feature takes place in a fictional, Southeast Asia-inspired land known as Kumandra. The titular heroine is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran and must find and recruit ...

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REVIEW: WandaVision – Episode 9 “The Series Finale”

The MCU’s most inventive offering ends its limited run with the appropriately titled “The Series Finale,” and WandaVision’s wrap-up is more or less what you’d expect. It hits some story elements out of the park, but others are just a little bland, with certain ideas not fully explored or j...

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