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REVIEW: Lost in Space – Season 1, Episode 5 “Transmission”

*Spoilers* This week on Lost in Space, Maureen goes off in the chariot to study the planet’s sunrise. Meanwhile, Will is still struggling to tell his dad the truth about what happened to the robot. Dr. Smith finally comes face to face with Don again and makes herself sound like a victim who stole ...

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REVIEW: Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

“Our people live but our culture is dying.” In the early 2000’s Disney was intent on experimentation. The studio had produced a slew of hits in the early 90’s, but throughout the decade their success slowed and the output needed to adjust accordingly. Rather than cling to the formula that ga...

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REVIEW: Wildling (2018)

Wildling is a supernatural horror film that follows sixteen-year-old Anna (Bel Powley) after she’s found by Sheriff Ellen Cooper. It’s discovered that Anna has been drugged to keep her body from maturing for an unknown amount of years; as she weans off the drug, she has to come to grips with be...

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REVIEW: Trust – Season 1, Episode 7 “Kodachrome”

“A bit of it makes you want a lot of it. And a lot of it makes you want all of it.” *Spoilers* “Kodachrome” begins with Primo’s family lawyer preparing to meet Getty Sr. as Getty employees count the money for the ransom. Meanwhile, Penelope is unable to get a hold of Paul Sr. on … <...

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REVIEW: Westworld – Season 2, Episode 3 “Virtù e Fortuna”

“This world is just a speck of dust sitting on a much, much bigger world “ *Spoilers* This week’s Westworld, “Virtù e Fortuna,” opens with a man and a woman in an Indian setting getting to know each other. Once she determines that he’s not a host they go exploring and find all t...

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REVIEW: Lost in Space – Season 1, Episodes 3 and 4 “Infestation” and “The Robinsons Were Here”

*Spoilers* “Infestation” opens with Dr. Smith arguing with her sister, who is set to go into space. She offers Dr. Smith – whose real name is June Harris – her house and car, but Smith has already drugged her and she passes out. June removes a chip from her sister’s arm and leaves her ...

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