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REVIEW: The Mandalorian – Season 2, Episode 6, “The Tragedy”

*SPOILERS* “The Tragedy” finds Mando practicing with Grogu and the ball. He tells Grogu he must go with the Jedi if one comes to him. They arrive at the temple ruins on Tython, and Mando places the baby in the middle, just like Ahsoka said. But as soon as the baby activates the seeing stone, &he...

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REVIEW: The Mandalorian – Season 2 Episode 5, “The Jedi”

*SPOILERS* “The Jedi” opens on a battle involving Ahsoka and a pocket of imperial remnants. She seeks information from the local magistrate, but the lives of ordinary people inhabiting the world hang in the balance. Mando and the child arrive on the planet where Ahsoka lives, and Din imm...

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REVIEW: The Mandalorian – Season 2, Episode 4 “The Siege”

*SPOILERS* This week, Mando and the Child head back to Nevarro to get the ship repaired. Meanwhile, Cara Dune takes out some criminals and returns their stolen goods to their rightful owners. She’s now the town marshal, and they’ve established a school in the time since Mando left. They ...

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REVIEW: The Mandalorian – Season 2, Episode 3 “The Heiress”

*SPOILERS* This week, Mando crash lands on the planet of Trask with the Child and “frog lady” in tow. She quickly reunites with her husband, and the two go on their way after he has given Mando the information he was after. Following his advice, Mando goes into a bar. However, it’s...

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REVIEW: The Mandalorian – Season 2, Episode 2, “The Passenger”

*SPOILERS* “The Passenger” picks up with Mando and the Child zooming along on his speeder. They’re interrupted by bandits who swiftly get their butts kicked. However, the last one standing threatens the Child. Mando offers to trade his jetpack for the baby’s safety, a trick t...

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REVIEW: The Mandalorian – Season 2, Episode 1, “The Marshall”

*SPOILERS* Season two of The Mandalorian sees Mando and the Child venture to a new planet, where they end up spectators at a fighting ring. The Mandalorian seeks information on the other Mandalorians, but the informant betrays him. Mando easily bests his men and leaves the informant hanging from a l...

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