Rippaverse Dallas Meetup 2024

The Rippaverse had a VERY successful first meetup on Saturday, June eighth, at the Boozy Bird bar and restaurant in Carrollton, Texas, adding to the home run launch of Yaira #1, written by the talented Soska Sisters, who were in attendance to sign comics and greet fans. The venue was packed with many of the Fellowship/199, with the ever-growing line outside for those eagerly waiting to enter. Of the YouTubers in attendance were Eric July (YoungRippa), Gary (Nerdrotic), Quarter-Black Garret, X-Ray Girl, Stuttering Craig, ComixDivison, Melonie Mac, and of the G+G crew, Steph (My Nerdy Home), Fear the Beardo, Jay (Drunk3PO), and last but certainly not least, the gang from G+G Tabletop. 

Rippaverse Dallas Meetup

These types of events are always so rewarding to see all the people from different walks of life coming together to chat, laugh, and be merry while also forming new friendships as well as strengthening older ones. And though many of us have met via chats, it truly does make a huge difference to actually meet (for we humans are social creatures), put a face to the name, and hear people’s voices, see their expressions. Bringing together like-minded people is the best recipe for success, for anything can be achieved with the proper amount of tenacity and enthusiasm. And the overall growth of these meetups is, in itself, a feat to behold from where they began, of possibly twelve people at most in a small venue. It’s a testament to the Fellowship as a whole bringing all of us out of our shells, particularly us introverts, and making us see that we are not alone in our passions and likes, that there are indeed many people out there who feel the same about what has happened to the fandoms we love yet we still hold dear because no amount of pandering could ever squash out the flames of our deep admiration for the things we love. 

Rippaverse Dallas Meetup

Eric and Gary certainly had the largest lines, which is not in any way surprising, seeing how both men have seen such huge success and are two of the many at the forefront of the culture war. Events such as these only show how resilient and passionate fans are, that with those traits and many more, anyone can make a change, be it on a larger scale or even a small one. It all begins with a single idea that forms into something greater than one initially thought. Certainly, it’s highly admirable to see the growth and success of Eric’s business, thus hopefully inspiring others so that they, too, can achieve greatness. 

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